The State of Xayah and Rakan

April 27, 2017 - Guides
The State of Xayah and Rakan

For the first time since the early times of League of Legends, Riot Games have released two champions at once, a couple named Xayah and Rakan, which excels in the bottom lane as a ADC/Support duo. We’ve had some time to try both champions out. Let’s look at where they stand.

Like true gentlemen, let’s start with Xayah. Our impression is that she is quite difficult and unforgiving to play. While her AoE potential is truly great, she can be very punishing on mistakes. With that said, her winrate at ~48% isn’t honestly that bad, especially when you consider that there aren’t any experienced Xayah mains to inflate the numbers yet. Of course, she’s nothing like Rek’Sai was upon release, but she’s no Ivern either.

To play her successfully, you need both great mechanics and impeccable positioning. Normally, this would make her a bad choice in lower ELOs because it’s less likely that players there would have the skill to properly pull her off, however, the skill of the enemy is similarly lower, so it might actually be easier. Looking at the champion’s stats on, it seems like that is definitely the case, especially in Bronze and Silver, where Xayah enjoys a winrate that hovers around 50%. So far, it’s simply hard to tell what the real potential of the champion is because more data from people who become as good on her as they are on other AD Carries is needed. If you want to try her out, don’t expect to be immediately useful like if you played Miss Fortune. She’s much more like Vayne and Kalista, the better you are at it, the stronger it gets.

Move to the gentleman of the couple, Rakan is a weird Support by design. It has ranged poke and a heal, yet can dive into the midst of the enemy team without being made extremely tanky. He in Platinum+ games, whis winrate is hovering around 44-45% at the moment, which might increase once more people become good at him.

With that said, the champion does need some getting used to because his playstyle is quite unusual. Some small buffs wouldn’t be out of place, probably. The common complaint by people who played the champion was that it’s too squishy for a Support that’s supposed to jump into the fray, even though it CAN get back to its team before dying. Riot might want to buff its survivability a bit.

For a long time now, Riot has been accused of releasing overpowered champions to boost their sales, thus increasing revenue, only to gradually nerf them back to size. Xayah and Rakan doesn’t seem to be destined to be used as one more example for these accusations. If anything, Xayah does have the potential to be overpowered, however, her skill requirement is too high to just allow you to pick it up and own people, while Rakan is a little bit underpowered. You know what? We are fine with that. Even if the people who work at playing Xayah to its potential eventually become unstoppable somehow, well, they deserve to enjoy free LP for a while for making the effort, right?