The Lore of World of Warcraft: Legion

September 5, 2016 - Guides
The Lore of World of Warcraft: Legion

The first thing I can admit is that I’m not a lore buff at all. Having started playing World of Warcraft soon after Wrath of the Lich King came out. I didn’t care about the lore then. When Cataclysm came out, I couldn’t care less either. Having skipped Mists of Pandaria, I naturally didn’t have a clue either. My venture into Draenor during the Warlords of Draenor was quite short. I got the expansion when it was already well underway, leveled a couple of characters, did some dungeons and quit. World of Warcraft: Legion, however, will be different.

Just like before Cataclysm, I’m preparing for the expansion now, reading up on its features, researching the roles and classes I might want to play. Also, I found myself weirdly interested in the lore of it all. Now, I do love stories. Reading them, writing them, analyzing them, all of it. Game stories never interested me for some reason, however. Bring on the raids, yo. Well, that changed with Legion. Even ignorant of what happened in Warlords of Draenor, I found myself gleefully doing the Broken Shore questline on several characters, smashing demons together with… hundreds of other people in Invasions, and wondering what’s happening here, what’s the story behind it all for the first time in my gaming life.

Apparently, Warlords of Draenor had something to do with alternate timelines. While players defeated Gul’dan in WoD, an alternate version of it was expelled to the original Azeroth with a mission. He is supposed to meddle with Illidan, finding and awakening him. The first act of the Illidan storyline is more or less shown in the Demon Hunter introduction. Offtoptic, play through it even if you wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole. Needless to say, Gul’dan succeeded and now, we will have to take care of the mess.

After busting out Illidan, Gul’dan kept being naughty and reopened the tomb of Sargeras, making it possible to use it to access numerous Legion worlds, which helped the bad guys to start a Legion invasion of epic proportions. Seeking to stop them, we will have to enter the Broken Isles and find the Pillars of Creation, which should help us to close the demon portals. Obviously, this MUST be done because demons don’t know what a bath is and the stench is unimaginable. The Broken Isles aren’t like Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, however. Home to satyr armies, vrykuls, nightborne night elves and nasty naga, as well as shitloads of demons, it’s a dangerous place to be in. Okay, I take it back. It’s exactly like Neverland Ranch.

To help us out, the new leader of the Kirin Tor, Khadgar of Warcraft: The Movie fame will move Dalaran to the Isles. Not to be left as the only floaty place in the world, Acherus, the homebase of the Death Knights, will follow suit.

Speaking of Death Knights and all other classes, the leaders of both Alliance and Horde won’t be able to agree on the color of the sky, leaving individual classes to lead the fight against the Burning Legion. To reinforce that, each spec in the game will have its own Artifact Weapon, while Classes will have their own special quests and other gameplay options, similar to the Garrison in WoD.

I don’t exactly know WHY I find Legion interesting. It might be because I was away from one of the several games I found fascinating in my youth for a while, making me miss the good old days, it might be because it looks as if there will be more opportunity for a lot of players to independently do something to reach a greater goal, working up to the full potential of an MMORPG, however, the fact of the matter is that I find myself hyped as a Discipline priest with a target for Atonement.