The Current Overwatch Meta

January 5, 2017 - Guides
The Current Overwatch Meta

Even though Overwatch, the newest of the IPs from Blizzard Entertainment, is still a toddler in eSports terms, we have had several different metagames over the last several months. The current, however, is probably one of the most anti-fun we’ve had yet.

What is this boring piece of crap we find ourselves watching in tournaments? Tanks. Tanks everywhere, often with a couple of Healers keeping them topped up. D.Va, Zarya and Reinhardt are played in practically every match, often even joined by Winston and Roadhog as well. If a team elects to go with a DPS, it’s Soldier: 76 more often than not. That Hero does some great DPS, can heal himself and the team and his Tactical Visor combined with Nano Boost is truly terrifying.

The last two spots on the comp are taken by two Healers, most oftenly Ana and Lucio. Sometimes, one of the Healers is replaced by Zenyatta due to its Discord Orb’s ability to help shred through the tank’s Health faster.

All in all, fights take a long time to be played out, making for a slow and unexciting game, when added to the totally correct tendency for teams to wait to charge Ults before trying to combo each other to win the teamfight and take or at least push towards the objective.

Why is the meta as it is right now? The simple answer is Ana. Her burst healing is so good that she can outheal burst damage on already tanky targets, especially if Lucio pops his Amp It Up to help. While she could keep DPS characters up as well, it makes more sense to play something tankier, because the margin for error is bigger that way. What is better, trying to save a 200 or 500 Health Hero? Especially when the tanks in Overwatch still deal loads of damage, enough of it to kill DPS heroes, particularly so when they are being healed for chunks of health by their Ana? Yeah, if money depended on it, you would play Tanks too.

The only serious exception to this comp is the shock comp that is Dive. Sometimes, enemies get to hold choke points for a long time, making their opponents desperate to try something else. When that happens, they sometimes pick a very mobile team which has one job—get through that choke point. Obviously, only the most mobile Heroes in the game will do for something like this to not hold their team back while they’re rushing forwards. Heroes like D.Va, Genji, Tracer, Reaper and so on are played in circumstances like this, most often with a Winstone acting as the main tank.

At the moment, the Overwatch meta isn’t in a very healthy spot. Blizzard Entertainment have shown themselves to be determined to fix stuff as fast as they can, however. It’s a fact that this situation we find ourselves in will be fixed. The only question remaining is when.