The Best in the Preseason: AD Carry

November 28, 2016 - Guides
The Best in the Preseason: AD Carry

When the preseason comes around, Riot Games make a lot of changes to League of Legends and players are left scrambling to figure it all out before the next ranked season starts. With Season 7 expected to start on the 6th of December, 2016, it’s high-time to figure out which champions are the best to focus on in the beginning of your ranked adventure, which involves the placement matches and trying to get back to your old ELO. Let’s start with the objectively most awesome and simply best position in League of Legends, AD Carry. Here are the best champions to pick up.


The rat was known as a strong pick for a while due to his stealth mechanic and the ability to surprise and delete people before the season ended, however, the nerf to Fervor of Battle keystone and the ensuing meta changes, as well as the update to its stealth mechanics together with the touch up of his other abilities, made Twitch the best AD Carry to play at the moment.

At the moment, his build is similar to every other ADC, Infinity Edge, Berserker’s Greaves, Statikk Shiv. You should max your R first, of course, followed by E and Q later. If you manage to stack up poison and Expunge it, you should deal tons of damage. Twitch’s W really helps with that. His stealth functions similar to Evelynn’s. To compensate, it lasts much longer than it used and activates faster. Now, you can travel quite far, find the best opportunity to enter the fight and let loose with your formidable single target DPS or the AoE ult, Spray and Pray. The only weakness Twitch has is its relative immobility. Of course, his stealth is a great tool to get away from fights you don’t want to take.


For a long time now, Vayne was that Marksman everyone wants to play due to its superb playmaking potential. With the global stealth changes, Vayne received a buff, making him truly invisible after Tumbling when Final Hour is active. In response, people started building Crit and maxing Tumble after Final Hour, resulting in a build that can basically three shot someone, while being able to move around the fight safe in invisibility every 2 seconds. Of course, you will lose DPS if you stop yourself from auto attacking, however, in a meta where assassins like Rengar and Kha’Zix reign supreme, it’s a very useful tool. By the time tanks get truly tanky at level 14 or so, you will also have your W, Silver Bolts, maxed, allowing you to shred through tanks with ease, while kiting them as only Vayne can.

While Vayne is in a truly good spot right now, it will also get nerfed soon, bringing down the overwhelming damage of his Crit Qs. The champion is also EXTREMELY hard to play properly. In that respect, it’s a little bit like Lee Sin in the Jungle. Once mastered, it’s great, but booooy will you look bad while learning. For that reason, you probably shouldn’t play Vayne unless you are already at least decent at it, not in ranked, anyways. For those who put in the time, this champ is one of the best though.


While this Marksman was often built for the early to mid game with an armor penetration build in the last season, especially in competitive play, the Lethality (less early power for better late game) changes introduced in the preseason more or less made that build inferior to the good old Crit Jhin build, that can get truly ridiculous amounts of Attack Damage to kill his opponents with. The ArPen Jhin worked in Competitive because it could stay back, where it was safe and shred people with his Ult, joining the fight after, to help cleanup. Now, you will have to dive into the thick of things and fight like everyone else, using your Ult, Curtain Call, to execute anyone who’s trying to run away.

Jhin plays quite differently from most other AD Carries, because he has ammo. The closest comparison we could make is what if an ADC had Katarina’s Bouncing Blades (pre-rework), Jinx’s Zap!, only longer ranged and which can pass through units, and Caitlyn’s Traps, all without an escape? Jhin is extremely strong. You know this yourself if you have ever had him hit you with an empowered auto, for example, after getting some items. When playing him, try to go for Essence Reaver, Rapid Firecannon, Infinity Edge with Lucidity or Switfness Boots into either Bloodthirster (or Mercurial Scimitar) into Lord Dominik’s Regards or vice versa. Note that Jhin is the only ADC you should use Deathfire Touch on. With the mind-warping amounts of AD you’re likely to have if you do well in the game, it will burn blazing hot.


The One Marksman To Rule Them All, at least in the early game, Caitlyn is always to be considered due to her long range and safe nature, coupled with the utility of damage-increasing and push stopping traps. If she is so good, why is she fourth on the list, you may ask, being the smart cookie you are. The problem is that Caitlyn needs a lot of items (Runaan’s Hurricane + B.F. Sword + Pickaxe with Berserker’s Greaves) to truly get going. If you fall behind in lane against a champion like Jhin or Vayne, it’s more or less game over for you, unless your team can carry your candy ass through the mid game, while you farm up and get your items in some lonely lane while your Support is off, being useful and having fun playing League of Legends.

The first thing to consider when playing Caitlyn in the early game is that you have the best range in the game. The enemy ADC has no right to to take a creep without getting hit by an AA in the face, unless you just happen to be last hitting a creep at the same time as well. The problem is that your auto attacks don’t deal that much damage in the beginning, unless they are buffed up by traps or the Passive Headshot. To get around that, you will need to make use of the Piltover Peacemaker and .90 Caliber Net, as well as the Yordle Snap Trap to help you zone opponents away from creeps. Just don’t spam your abilities mindlessly, because you can get OOM very fast and an OOM Cait is less useful than Teemo in a strongman competition. When Caitlyn is played well, it can completely shut down an opponent. In those cases where you come out of lane even with your opponent, he will have a much more impactful mid game One last piece of advice: try to not finish Infinity Edge first. Without some attack speed to back it up, paying 1425 gold for extra 50% Crit damage is stupid. You’re much better off getting a B.F. Sword, maybe a Pickaxe and then rushing Runaan’s Hurricane.