The Arcway Guide

September 12, 2016 - Guides
The Arcway Guide

With a somewhat formidable attunement process (you need to grind a lot of rep and progress a lot in the Suramar storyline) and starting difficulty of Mythic, the Suramar dungeons, The Arway and Court of Stars, have a lot of expectations for excellence. Will they live up to them? We shall have to wait and see now, shan’t we?


If you’re facing this boss for the first time, it might seem to be quite complicated, however, it’s not once you get the hang of it. Of course, that could be said about every boss fight in World of Warcraft. Still, Ivanyr isn’t up there with the most difficult bosses ever. You just have to know some stuff.

First, Ivanyr will mark several random players with a Volatile Magic debuff. After 4 seconds, it will explode, dealing 583k damage to all players within 8 yards, which would suggest that you need to spread out. That’s where it gets tricky due to another one of his abilities, however.

Ivanyr uses an ability called Nether Link, which… links 3 random players, pushing them away from each other similar to Dresaron’s wind. After 5 seconds, the Link is broken and the area inside the three links is covered with Arcane energy for 2 minutes. If you stand there, you will take 662k Arcane damage every second. Obviously, you want to minimize the area that’s covered by the blob of Arcane to allow for free movement in the area,  however, it’s hard to do without any movement abilities, inherent in your character. Demon Hunters’ Fel Rush, Mage’s Blink and similar skills might make it easy, however, Shadow Priests, for example, are kinda screwed. There’s an argument to be made for just ignoring the ability altogether and just keeping up with the DPS, banking on it being good enough to kill the boss before the whole room gets covered in Arcane.

The final ability for you to worry about is Overcharge Mana. Periodically, Ivanyr will try to cast this skill to gain a stack of Overcharge, which increases his Haste and damage done by 5% per stack. That doesn’t seem like much, but it can add up to a truckload of damage in time. Fortunately, this skill is interruptible. You should and MUST interrupt all if not most of the casts, because the Crystal Ivanyr is draining when Overcharge Mana comes through, starts shooting Charged Bolts at random players, which deal 473k Arcane damage every 0.5 seconds to anyone it hits. The more the Crystal gets drained, the more frequent the damage.

TL;DR – Spread for Volatile Magic, either ignore and DPS or lose DPS but minimize the Arcane zone made by Nether Link, interrupt Overcharge Mana at all cost.


The next boss in the instance, Corstilax, has an interesting mechanic, which can really boost your DPS or punish you hard if you get too greedy, called Nightwell Energy. Nightwell energy is a stacking buff that increases your Haste by 15% for each stack you have. How do you get the buff? Well, Corstilax casts an ability called Energy Burst. It applies one stack to everyone in the party and create purple pools of energy on the ground, which stay for 15 seconds. Standing in them stacks Nightwell Energy.

The problem is that Corstilax baits you into seeking power only to punish you later by casting Cleansing Force, which pulls in everyone to him for eight seconds, removing a stack of Nightwell Energy every 2 seconds. When the boss finishes casting the ability, he deals 1.291 million damage to anyone within 15 yards of him, while stunning anyone who still has stacks of Nightwell Energy for 12 seconds. With the channel time of 8 seconds, ticking every 2 seconds, the most stacks that can be cleansed is 4. You get one from Energy Burst, so the longest you can stay in Nightwell pools is enough to get 3 stacks. If you stay longer, you might do more damage with higher Haste, however, it will probably equal out when you get stunned for 12 seconds.

Destabilized Orb is one more of Corstilax’s abilities. The boss summons an orb for 1 minute. It ticks every second for 363k Arcane damage. While this doesn’t look like much, it could get annoying after a while, unless your Healer is a champion.

The final two abilities for you to worry about are Quarantine and Suppression Protocol. The first one, Quarantine, imprisons a random player in a crystal prison, stunning them for 20 seconds and ticking for 192k Arcane damage every second. Anyone can just right-click the crystal to channel at it for a second and release the player, however. The Suppression Protocol is a kitable channeled ability, which targets a player for į seconds and keeps firing missiles at him. If he gets hit, they deal around 473k damage to everyone within 6 yards, while increasing the target’s Arcane damage taken by 15% for 15 seconds. It also deals 129k to everyone in the group.

TL;DR – Kite Suppression Protocl, free people from Quarantine, stand in Energy Burst until you have 4 stacks of Nightwell Energy, try to avoid being pulled in within 15 yards of Corstilax to avoid the Cleansing Force damage.


The crazy spider of doom, Nal’tira, has four abilities you have to worry about. The first, Blinking Strikes, has the boss… blinking around the room, attacking random players for 2.5 seconds, dealing 520k damage every 0.5 seconds in front of her. Once she blinks on your ass, you will take a shitload of damage if you stay around, so the best way to get out of it is probably to move away? Noting that it’s supposed to do the damage IN FRONT of her, may I suggest running through her to get behind?

The next ability you have to deal with when fighting the Blinking Spider, is Nether Venom. She will choose a random player and spit some venom to his location. The damage it deals to you if you stand in it isn’t that great, to be honest, only 189k per second, but your Haste will be reduced by 500% while you’re standing in it, which is much worse, tanking your DPS to hell. Get out of it? ASAP? kkbye.

Tangled Web is one more ability you should worry about. When it’s used, the boss pulls random player to her ugliness, and connects them with a web that ticks for 241k damage per second while they are connected. How do you break the connection? Just move 30 yards away from each other. Not hard, isn’t it?

Last but not least, Nal’tira spawns spiders like a good litt… big… spider, called Vicious Manafang. The ads have an ability called Devour. When they use it, their targeted player gets rooted in place and a DoT ticks every second for 20 seconds. All you have to do to get rid of the root and DoT is to bring the ad to 70% health.

TL;DR – Dodge blinking strikes, don’t stand in Nether Venom, move 30 yards apart for Tangled Web and DEEPS Vicious Manafangs to 70% health get rid of Devour. Easy, right?

General Xakal

When fighting Xakal, you will have 4 things to keep in mind. The first is called Fel Fissure. It’s an easy-to-avoid ability with some nasty consequences if you do not. Periodically, Xakal puts a green thingie on the ground. After three seconds, if someone’s still standing there, it will arm and spike for 1,2 million damage, dealt to everyone within 6 yards, knocking them back in the process. The indicator is very clear, the arm time is long at 3 seconds. There’s no reason why anyone should be caught standing in this.

The next ability used by this boss is an unavoidable AoE, called Wicked Slam, which deals, 926k PHYSICAL damage to everyone , knocking them back in the process. While it’s unavoidable, it’s still a good idea to heal everyone up so that they have enough health to soak this ability and spam AoE heals after.

Next, Xakal uses Shadow Slash. It’s a projectile ability, which is targeted at a random player. Once the ability is about to be used, you should make sure that you won’t get hit, because it will chunk you for 926k damage if you do. Also, make sure there’s nobody between you and the boss, because it affects everyone in the way, not only you. Wherever Shadow Slash passes through, there’s a Wake of Shadows left for 20 seconds. It’s a zone of BAD stuff, which ticks for 363k damage every second to everyone who’s standing in it.

Finally, Xakal summons Dread Felbats, which flying overhead like carrion birds or… felbats, Bombarding random players for 473k Shadow damage for sometime, before landing and going straight for you melee’s throats, Thirsty for Blood, inflicting physical damage and gaining a permanent stacking buff to movement speed and damage. They could overwhelm you with time, so it’s best to just kill them off as fast as possible, like is the case with all ads.

TL;DR – if you get hit by Fel Fissure, you’re a potato. Brace for Wicked Slam, dodge Shadow Slash, and kill the Dread Felbats.

Advisor Vandros

Advisor Vandros is a little bit like an evil, magic-casting Dr. Who-wannabe boss in my opinion. All he needs now is a TARDIS. Okay, enough ridiculousness, let’s get back to the fight itself. The first thing you have to do if you want to successfully kill Vandros is interrupt Accelerating Blast every single time. At first, it isn’t so bad, it targets a player and blasts him for 473k Arcane damage if the ability is cast successfully. The problems start when it becomes more of a trend than an accident, because with each successful cast of Accelerating Blast, Vandros deals 5% more damage and gets 5% more Haste for 15 seconds. If you ignore interrupting, the damage will become overwhelming and the castbar will move too quickly to interrupt before long.

Second, Vandros uses Force Bombs. 2 of them are summoned and detonate after 5 seconds. When they do, they deal 283k damage and create a Force Nova, which ticks for 99k damage every 0.5 seconds and pushes back players while moving towards the edge of the map. The best thing to do? Don’t get hit by Force Bomb, stay far away from Force Nova.

Next, Vandros summons Chrono Shards (are you starting to see why I talked about Dr. Who?). After 8 seconds, they explode, inflicting 473k Arcane damage to all players within 10 yards. If you’re still within 10 yards of a Chrono Shard after 8 seconds of it being there… I crown thee The Ultimate Potato. Seriously.

Next, Unstable Mana. It’s a tracking ability, which keeps up with your movement every 0.5 seconds, for 8 seconds, exploding for 662k Arcane damage, dealt to everyone within 5 yards, after 1.5 seconds. You should probably just kite it, unless your Healer is a God.

Finally, at 50% Health, Vandros goes bananas and teleports the players away, banishing them in time. Then, you have 2 minutes to find a boss and attack it, or you will be “lost in time and die.” Trying to stop you, are Timeless Wraiths, which have a couple of abilities — Breach and Time Lock. Breach is a simple 200k Arcane damage DoT, which ticks on everyone within 15 yards of them, while Time Lock is an interruptible stun, targeting a single player and incapacitating him for 10 seconds. Obviously, you should interrupt Time lock.

Once you finally find the boss and get out of the time thingie, the fight continues in the same vein as it started.

TL;DR – Just interrupt Arcane Blasts, dodge Force Bombs, same goes for Chrono Shards. Also, kite Unstable Mana.