Rek’sai is Due a Rework

January 24, 2017 - Guides
Rek’sai is Due a Rework

When Riot Games release champions, they have a niche in mind they think the champion could fill. Sometimes, the champion fills the niche so well that it has to get nerfed, sometimes repeatedly. As a result, it sometimes reaches the point where the original niche Riot Games imagined for their new creation is no longer viable. When that happens, the developers try to step in and bring things back to how they should be. This is the case with Rek’sai, one of the most popular Junglers in pro play.

Upon release, the Kha’Zix relative (probably not directly, but who knows with bugs) was supposed to be a nightmare for squishy carries—an AD diver, who gets to the ADC and blows him up. In the beginning, Rek’sai was built precisely for this role, with people building tons of Attack Damage and making ADC’s life a living hell, just like another champion which has experienced a similar problem, Ekko. Rek’sai was a little bit too strong upon release, however. Riot Games had to nerf him several times to bring him back in line. As a result, it was no longer viable to play the champion in its intended role.

Then, some smart guy figured out that you could build Rek’sai as a tank and still be effective at least a little bit. The new Rek’sai, the tank Rek’sai, was born. Instead of a champion with great dive and damage a la Nocturne, he became a CC tank with almost no damage, whose only job was to get to the ADC or Mid and knock them up (CC, not get them pregnant), allowing the rest of the team to try and collapse on their ass to kill them. After that, the newfound tankiness was used to survive as long as possible, doing stuff to disrupt the enemy team.

Just like when people started taking Ekko to the Top Lane and building him as a tank instead of an AP Assassin, Riot Games didn’t really like that at all. While they tackled Ekko to the ground and changed him in the Assassin Update, Rek’sai’s time is coming now. It’s been said that the ‘sai is due a rework. More than likely, it’s not going to be a major rework, after all, the whole idea behind the champion is sound, fun, and unique. It’s just the numbers and maybe some minor mechanics that need tweaking in order to making him less attractive as a tank instead of an AD diver. Fixing the issue won’t be very easy, however, Riot should be able to do it. We certainly hope they succeed.