Overwatch – McRee Guide

May 31, 2016 - Guides
Overwatch – McRee Guide

If you have watched the most recent Overwatch tournament, Agents Rising, you might have noticed that McRee was one of the most played damage dealers. With that in mind, I think it’s a good idea to let you know what it does and how to start playing it.

McRee is a badass damage-dealing cowboy with a big revolver. This gun fires slowly but does a lot of damage. Like most revolvers, McRee’s gun also has six bullets in the barrel. This means that you will run out of ammo fast if you don’t pick your shots carefully, while using the primary attack. If you’ve ever played CS:GO for more than a couple of games, this weapon might remind you of Desert Eagle or R8. Thank god that you can move while shooting without suffering a drop in accuracy in this game.

If you want to do a lot of damage quickly while sacrificing the pinpoint accuracy found with your primary attack (Left Mouse Button), just use McRee’s secondary attack (Right Mouse Button) to empty your barrel quickly, western style. These shots aren’t very accurate, however, they are faster and spread out, perfect for close range fights.

Your “E” ability is a Flashbang that stuns any enemies hit for a second, allowing you to get your shots off in peace. If you unload the whole barrel on a stunned non-tank enemy and hit every shot, your enemy WILL most likely die. Keep in mind that Flashbang only works in short range. While it’s definitely a downside, it does make McRee one of the best duelists in the game when E is used properly. Tracer darting around? Stun the Brit, unload your whole clip, and you are very likely to kill her.

Your “Left Shift” ability is a short dash that also reloads your weapon. While not the best Shift ability in the game, it does allow you to reposition if needed, while also getting more bullets, and believe me, you will have to reload very very often.

You “Q” ultimate ability is called High Noon. After a short lock on period, you can click your Left Mouse Button or press Q again, to have McRee shoot every enemy you locked on in the head, most likely killing them. If you get good at choosing the perfect time to use it, you are very likely to get Play of the Game with it, as multi-kills are quite common.

When you play McRee in a teamfight situation, try to stay back and constantly shoot with your primary attack, aiming for the head. Your bread and butter combo comes in 1v1 in most cases. When an enemy appears in close range, flashbang him with E, empty your whole clip into his body. If he remains alive, dash back with Left Shift and empty another barrel. That should do it. Concerning the use of High Noon, some players prefer to use it as soon as it charges, at first opportunity, while others choose to hold it for situations where it would be more impactful than a single kill. In either case, you probably WILL get Play of the Game with McRee’s ult many times if you get at least decent with him.