Orisa – Short Primer

March 22, 2017 - Guides
Orisa – Short Primer

The newest Overwatch champion to hit the game, Orisa, is what Blizzard started calling an anchor tank, a Hero which is used as the centerpiece of the team fight. Action revolves around it and its abilities, similar to Reinhardt and his Barrier. There is no danger of Orisa being too similar to Reinhardt to be interesting, however.

The thing that is the most likely to draw comparisons to Reinhard is Orisa’s shield. When you press E, the hero drops an arcing projectile on the ground, which turns into a slightly curved shield, which is a bit smaller than Reinhardt’s. It has 900 Health and stays in place for 20 seconds if not burnt down. While we expected its placement to work like Mei’s wall, it’s not so. It’s much more similar to Zarya’s alternate attack in its aim mode. While it’s not as strong as the Reinhardt equivalent, Orisa makes up for it very well with range. She honestly seems like a much more versatile Hero.

Next up is Orisa’s Shift ability, a straight up damage reduction ability, which allows her to resist 50% of the damage she takes for 4 seconds on a 10 second cooldown. While it’s active, the Hero will also be immune to action-impairing effects. This gives some additional tankiness to the 400 Health 400 Armor Hero to reiterate that’s is a Tank despite the ranged attacks she has.

Speaking of her attacks, Orisa has two modes of attack, a projectile machinegun primary and an alternate attack which functions in a similar manner to Zarya’s Ultimate. The primary, Fusion Driver, has 150 ammo with a rate of fire of 12.5 rounds per second. Each round does 12 damage, traveling at 60 m/s. While Orisa is firing it, she moves slower. Reloading the weapon takes 2.5 seconds. While tanks like Roadhog can actually oneshot squishier Heros, Orisa won’t have that advantage it seems. Her alternate, Halt!, travels 20 m/s in a radius of 7.5 meters with the animation taking 0.33 seconds on an 8 second cooldown. Once the projectile is where you want it to be, you should activate it by clicking the right mouse button to detonate it. It works a little bit like Vel’Koz’s Plasma Fission in League of Legends. While definitely not as powerful as Zarya’s Ult, it functions in the same manner.

Finally, Orisa’s Ultimate is one more ability that puts a device that has a specific function and needs to be killed for enemies and protected for your own team, similar to Symmetra’s Teleporter. Once used, the Supercharger takes a second to appear and lasts 16 seconds, working in the radius of 25 meters, also having barely 200 health. While its active, allies in a 25m radius in line of sight of the Supercharger deal increased damage.

With her abilities, Orisa is especially well suited to setting up shooting gallery situations where it protects its team with the shield, catches several enemies with alternate attack, puts down the Ult and shoots everyone down together with the team. The Hero doesn’t seem to be very easy, though. Its kit has a lot of options and different ways to use it which leads to it being quite susceptible to mistakes made by bad and unimaginative players In the hands of a master, however, Orisa should be an extremely scary Hero to face.