Orisa Is Up In Competitive

March 29, 2017 - Guides
Orisa Is Up In Competitive

Orisa, the 24th Overwatch hero has been live for a week, however, you were barred for picking her in Competitive matches. While it’s a good idea to allow players to get some experience with a hero before allowing it to be played in Competitive. The period of adjustment is now over, so we will be able to utilize Orisa in Competitive play.

So far, Orisa hasn’t found its niche in the metagame. With aggressive dive comps extremely prevalent in the trend-setting tournament matches, Orisa has only been used very sparingly. There could be several reasons for this. First, pro matches actually matter for more than the players’ ePeen, so they could be hesitant to try her before being sure that the Hero will actually work out favorably for the team. Also, she doesn’t seem to be particularly suited to what is considered to be the best way to win matches among pros, while not being obviously OP enough to change the meta by herself (if we can use the word “she” to refer to a robot, which SHOULD be female). That doesn’t mean that she hasn’t been played in Competitive. Immortals’ George “Hyped” Maganzini used her in the Overwatch Carbo Series playoffs, however, he didn’t stick to her for long, only using the hero for a couple of pushes to some success.

Despite people thinking that they should copy what the pros use in their organized competitive play, this is simply not so in reality, when you’re playing by yourself or with friends. In these ranked games, Orisa could be extremely useful as a replacement for Reinhardt when your tank is bored to tears of him or as a partner tank. Orisa’s abilities excel at controlling chokepoints with her barrier, similar to good ole Reinhardt. If you try to use her exactly like that, you probably won’t be successful as she is nowhere close to a carbon copy of the hero. Her shield is a little bit weaker, sacrificing power for versatility. Her kit sacrifices aggression seen in Reinhardt for defensive ability, making up for it a bit with her ranged weapon, crowd control, and damage increasing Ultimate.

Before you pick up Orisa in Competitive, make sure to practice it sufficiently in Quick Play. The hero has a lot of things it can do in experienced hands. On the other hand, it can be all but useless if you have no clue what you’re doing. Practice it, get comfortable with it. Watch guides and players better than you play it on different maps to get a handle of what to do with it before you take it to Competitive. Your teammates are sure to thank you for it.