Nepal Map Guide

July 29, 2016 - Guides
Nepal Map Guide

In my previous map guide, I discussed picks and strategy for King’s Row, a Hybrid map, where you have to successfully assault a map if you’re on Offense, and then escort a Payload to its destination successfully to win the game. The map discussed in this article, Nepal, isn’t a Hybrid, Assault, or Escort map, it’s a Control map instead. The point of a Control map is that both teams start at opposite ends of a mirrored map with the objective to capture a point in the middle of it and hold it, while percentage charges up to 100%, at which point, the team to get to 100% first gets a point and the next stage starts, functioning in the same manner. Of course, enemies can take over control of the point by recapturing it.

Nepal has three parts, known as Village, Shrine, and Sanctum.


The first of the three parts of Nepal is called Village. It’s a mirrored area, with a small house in the middle. Both teams fight for control of said house. In matches between unskilled teams, you often see people rushing through the big gate in the middle all the time. The problem is that if the enemy team uses the smarter route through the side or just gets there faster, your team will be open to attack. You could get mowed down before you know it. If that’s not enough, if you go to the point through mid, you will have to expend extra effort and waste time to gain the high ground, which is very important in Overwatch, because it’s easier to hit people from up above and you become harder to hit.

In a recent match between the best team in the world, EnVyUS and Cloud9, EnVyUs used Tracer, McCree, Reaper, Zarya, Lucio, and Zenyatta for this part of Nepal, even though Winston is usually thought to be almost mandatory for Control, or King of the Hill, maps. Once spawned, they went through a narrow mountain path up, straight into the area, which overlooks the point. Differently from low-level play where fighting usually happens in and around the point area, teams fought on the high ground most of the time, only going for the point once the enemy team was dead or couldn’t mount a proper defense. This seems much smarter than capturing the point and staying there all the time, because Control maps are made in such a way that the team which controls the point is very vulnerable when it stays there, with their opponents having multiple avenues of attack at all times. With proper positioning and the high ground advantage, when you take the point, enemies won’t be able to use the straight path for a retake, because you will control the way.


Another part of Nepal, called Shrine, is a huge open area, with an open building in the middle. Once again, it would be stupid to try a frontal assault unless your enemies don’t have a clue what they’re doing or their team comp is total rubbish. If they have a better position on you, will be totally open for attack on both sides. It’s much better to stay towards a side, so that you can be sure that you won’t get attacked from somewhere due to the edge of the map being there.

In their match against Cloud9, EnVyUs used McCree, Tracer, Winston, Zarya, Lucio, and Zenyatta. In place of Reaper, the Winston was there this time, to sow discord in enemy ranks. Basically, Winston was used to engage with his Jump, when protected by Zarya’s Barrier. This allowed Zenyatta to Orb targets, while Tracer started darting around and McCree carefully tooks his shots, trying to do as much damage as possible.


The last part of Nepal, Sanctum is also played wrong a lot of the time by many players. Once the whole team gets there, they rush inside the Sanctum and immediately goes onto the point. As you might have gathered already, I strongly believe that it’s a very bad idea, because you’re a sitting duck while on the point. You can get attacked from numerous sides, the point itself isn’t very big, so it’s easy to get hit by splash damage… It’s just better to fight your opponents on the side lanes around the point.

Using this strategy vs. Cloud9, EnVyUs took Reaper, McCree, Winston, Zarya, Lucio, and Zenyatta. McCree’s long-range hitscan is amazing if you can hit headshots, Reaper excels in close quarters combat, especially if he can flank. In the Sanctum, the passages are narrow enough that Reaper’s damage remains effective. Winston… is a beast on this part of the map. In close quarters, his weapon reaches most enemies, Zarya’s RMB can actually be spammed in close quarters. Winston dives an enemy Zenyatta with Zarya’s Barrier, giving her charge. Winston kills their robo-healer, making it a 5v6. Even if he dies after, well, McCree can still snipe people and Reaper can go around the back to take care of people up close.


I know that I repeated this over and over again, but don’t use mid too much. Flanks are awesome. They can put your team in awesome positions. Yes, you won’t start capturing the point as soon as it comes up, but your enemies won’t be able to do it without taking losses either, unless you’re sleeping. Instead of rushing the point, chill, wipe the enemy team in one of the side passages or at least kill several of them and then you can calmly take the point. Don’t all just sit there like sitting ducks either, take positions to defend enemy entry points from cover. And finally, Lucio, Tracer in Shrine and Village, Winston. Learn them, love them, cherish them, and Nepal will be yours.