Mythic Violet Hold Guide

September 9, 2016 - Guides
Mythic Violet Hold Guide

Assault on Violet Hold is a very simple dungeon when compared to the rest. You don’t have to find your way to the boss, skipping trash left and right. You just have to kill several waves of mostly same trash to unleash a boss. You kill whichever boss spawns and then you have to kill trash again. Rinse and repeat.


The first boss to be talked about, Festerface, isn’t very complicated. You only have three things to worry about, his Congealing Vomit, Yum!, and Uh Oh… Congealing Vomit is a frontal cone attack, which deals 665k Nature damage to anyone it hits and spawns 5 Congealed Goo ads, which dot everyone while alive and explode for 36k damage to anyone who stands close when they die. After death, it takes 12 seconds for the Goo to reform.

The second ability, Yum!, conveniently allows you to take care of the recongealing goo by bringing the boss to it, causing him to eat it. This will also remove 20 energy from his energy bar, postponing his next ability….

Uh Oh…, which spews a Black Bile ad, which has a Necrotic Aura. The aura reduces all healing by 100% while it’s active.

So, what’s the strat? You tank Festerface away from everyone, when he starts casting Congealing Vomit, you move out of the way. DPS kill of the Congealed Goo, you walk the boss over their remains, making him eat it. That stops Uh Oh… from charging. If, however, you’re unfortunate enough to have the Black Bile appear, kill it ASAP, your Healer is mostly useless while the ad is still alive.


Shimermaw is basically a dragon, so you should fight it as one with some small alterations. Due to her Frost Breath and Tail Sweep, you can’t stand in front or behind of her, first of all, especially in front, because it also has an ability called Wing Buffet, which also affects anyone standing in front of her.

If you’re curious, Frost Breath is a frontal cone attack, which ticks for 380k Frost damage every second for 3 seconds, as well as slowing anyone’s, who gets hit, movement speed by 10% for 10 seconds, in a stacking debuff. Tail Sweep simply hits for 570k Physical damage and knocks back, while Wing Buffet deals 760k and knocks back.

The next ability, called Relentless Storm, covers the upper part of the prison in Frostbite, dealing 52k Frost damage every second, and slowing movement speed by 30%. While the storm is forming, ice comets will also rain upon your heads, dealing 475k if they hit you.

Ice Bomb is up next. When Shivermaw flies up into the air, you will know that it’s coming. If you are standing in the lower portion of the prison, you will suffer 855k Frost damage and get stuck in an ice block for 30 seconds or until people DPS you out of it. If you run up the stairs and stay in the high ground, however, you will be mostly fine, unless your Healer can’t keep up with the damage.

The final ability from this frost dragon is called Frigid Winds. It makes you pulse for 285k Frost damage in an area of 8 yards around you for 18 seconds and reducing your movement speed by 40% for 5 seconds. Obviously, with Frigid Winds coming up, you should spread out and not hit your teammates with the stuff.

So, the strategy is simple, DPS the boss from its side, when it’s time for Relentless Storm, move down; when it’s time for Ice Bomb, move up and spread out for Frigid Winds.

Blood-Princess Thal’ena

Thal’ena is one of the more interesting bosses in Violet Hold, especially if you like Vampire movies. That’s because of her ability called Vampyr’s Kiss. She deals 250k damage to the target and gives them Essence of the Blood Princess, which increases all damage done by 100, Leech by 10%, and reduces threat by 100%. Then, you have some time to find a friendly unit unaffected by Essence of the Blood Princess to bite or face losing your mind and starting attacking your team under the banner of Thal’ena with your damage increased by 9,999%.

Also, Thal’ena hurls Blood Swarms at random targets, which deal 209k damage to nearby layers and create pools of blood on the floor. Standing in them will tick for around 52k damage. Some time later, Thal’ena uses an ability called Blood Call, which makes the blood congeal, creating an ad called Congealed Blood, which makes its way to the boss. If it reaches her before getting killed, she will deal 188k damage to everyone and heal for 8% of her max health.

Basically, the tank should move the boss from the blood pools to avoid the DoT, everyone should bite other people when the Essence of the Blood Princess is about to run out, and kill Congealed Blood as soon as possible.

Mindflayer Kaahrj

Mindflayer Kaahrj has similar abilities to those of a Shadow Priest. First of all, he uses an ability called Shadow Crash, which deals 365k damage to any enemies near its impact point and knocks them away, leaving an energy field after it. Standing in it will tick for 86k Shadow damage and reduce healing done by 50%. Obviously, just dodge it, even at the cost of finishing casting your ability.

Next, there’s Eternal Darkness, which summons several Faceless Tendrils, which flays the minds of their target for 28k damage until dead. If you lag behind on killing these tendrils, their damage will start stacking because of Amplified Darkness, which periodically increases Eternal Darkness’ damage by 5%. DPS, kill them as quickly as you can.

Kaahrj also casts an ability called Collapsing Shadows. It starts pulling enemy players to a previously corrupted location, making them face two options. They can either get the hell out of there or take 665k damage per second. Also, Kaahrj fears enemies for 6 seconds. That needs to be dispelled, unless you don’t mind your party member running around, useless, for several seconds.

The final and one of the roughest abilities Mindflayer Kaahrj has is Doom, which straight up deals 1,332 million Shadow damage. The tanks should keep their mitigation abilities for Doom, unless they know that it will be up in time for it.


Like most other fights in this instance, the fight against Anub’esset revolves around three mechanics. The first, Mandible Strike, hits for 3,1 MILLION damage and reduces healing received by 50% for 10 seconds. Obviously, tanks should ALWAYS dodge it. Even if you mitigated and survived it, the healers would have a very hard job trying to heal you up.

Impale is the second most important thing to worry about. It targets a player and creates a cone of spikes, moving towards him. If not dodged, any targets hit will be dealt 365k Physical damage and get knocked up in the air.

Finally, Anub’esset summons Spitting Scarabs, which weren’t taught manners by their moms, spitting poison at platers, inflicting 161k Nature damage and ticking for further 47k every 2 seconds for 6.

All in all, this fight boils down to dodging Mandible Strike and Impale, while also killing Scarabs. Quite simple.

Millificient Manastorm

If the fight against Thal’ena was one of the more interesting ones, Millficient is definitely the craziest. She’s basically what would happen if the players with Engineering went evil and received a great power boost.

The fight is done in two stages. In the first one, Millificient throws out Elementium Squirrel Bombs and Thorium Rocket Chickens. Squirrel Bombs can be disarmed to prevent them going off. Every player in the party should do that as much as they can. If the bombs DO go off, they will release a bunch of exploding squirrels, which explode, inflicting 205k damage.

Second, the Rocket Chickens can be DPSed when unarmored. Both tanks and DPS should work at taking them out, because they will fire massive rockets in a straight line, dealing 422k Fire damage and knock back any players hit, spamming a stream of rockets every 5.2 seconds as well. The stream hits all players, dealing 71k damage. Together with the squirrels, this could get very stressful and overwhelming for the healer.

Phase 2 is similar in terms of Squirrel Bombs, however, the Rocket Chickens can’t be destroyed. Your best bet is to avoid all damage you can and kill the boss before it kills you.


Fighting Sael’orn is quite simple. There’s only one mechanic to consider. When he spawns spiders, they will fixate on certain players. Those players need to face the spiders to stop their approach. For the rest of the boss’ abilities… Toxic Blood is a DoT, which ticks for 227k damage every 1.5 seconds for 9 seconds, Fel Detonation explodes for 342k damage, dealt to any nearby ally, Web Grab pulls you in near the boss and deals 191k, while his Venom Spray hits you for 228k and goes off 4 times for 57k, every 3 seconds. That’s honestly it. Spread out a little bit, face the spiders that fixate on you, kill the boss.

Fel Lord Betrug

This boss is honest quite simple, though a little bit more complicated than Sael’orn. You really need to know about a couple of things. First, the boss smashes his axe, throwing people all over the room. Then, he picks a target for Execution. If the target isn’t freed in 20 seconds, he gets… executed. Obviously, the rest of the team should run to help the target.

Second, Chaotic Energy strikes random targets, dealing 313k damage to the target and anyone within 5 yards of him. Common sense dictates to spread out to avoid multiple people getting hit by the ability.

Next, Bertrug uses Fel Slash, which does massive damage, 1.3 million, in a cone. If you’r targeted, make sure you’re the only one to get hit.

Finally, a couple of players will be targeted with Seed of Destruction. After 8 seconds, they will spawn 4 Wakes of Destruction, which deal 1.1 million damage in a 3 yard area if they touch their target. Obviously, you should kill them as fast as possible.