Mythic Vault of the Wardens Guide

September 8, 2016 - Guides
Mythic Vault of the Wardens Guide

For those who haven’t played Demon Hunter for some reason, Vault of the Wardens is a great place to see some of the places where they were imprisoned. With five bosses, it’s not a small instance to boot, making it a great piece of content.

Tirathon Saltheril

Starting with the ability which should mostly concern tanks, Darkstrikes is one of those abilities you should use active mitigation abilities for. If you do not, the boss will gain an absorb shield for 15 seconds and won’t be interruptible. When Tirathon starts casting Fel Mortar, be ready to move out. The next ability to be concerned with is Swoop. When he uses it, Tirathon leaps up and jumps to another place knocking back anyone in the place where he lands and starts casting Furious Blast, which inflicts 1,080,679 damage to everyone in the party and leave a blob on the ground, which deals 540,340 damage to anyone who enters it.

After that, the boss assumes Havoc or Vengeance form. In Havoc, he has his damage increased by 25% and uses an Eye Beam-like ability called Hatred, which deals 399,020 damage to anyone caught in it. Obviously, move away, little boy, move away. The boss also has an Immolation Aura, which ticks for 151,414 Fire damage every 5 seconds to everyone, so Healers should work to keep everyone at full health if at all possible.

In Vengeance form, he throws his Glaives out and connect them with chains, which tick for 249,388 damage to anyone they touch. He also drops Fel Mortars on random player’s heads, damaging anyone hit by them.

TL;DR – Mitigate Darkstrikes, don’t stand in fire, interrupt Swoop. If Havoc, move from Eye Beam, if Vengeance, don’t get hit by Glaives and their chains, as well as dodging Mortars.

Inquisitor Tormentorum

The beginning of the fight against Inquisitor Tormentorum is reasonably okay. You just have to be mindful of Tormenting Orbs’ Inquisitive Stare, which will disorient you if you’re not looking at the orb when it finishes casting, and Sap Soul, which is going to make the next ability you cast have a longer cooldown, specifically, 10 seconds longer.

At 75% and 50% health, Tormentorum will open a cell and release some adds. At that time, Tormentorum doesn’t care about that damage, so you should gather them up in one place and switch focus completely to them.

If the Inquisitor releases Shadowmoon Annihilators, Technicians and Warlocks, the Annihilators will charge random players dealing 483,380 damage and drop threat, so the tank will have to taunt them back. The Technicians throw stuff you have to walk out of all over the place, while also silencing a caster once in a while. The Warlocks will empower their demonic minions, increasing their size and damage by 350%. Just kill them? As fast as humanely possible?

The other group of ads you could get includes Faceless Voidcasters, Void-Touched Juggernaughts, and Deranged Mindflayers. You will need to interrupt everything and moving out of Shadow Crash, which deals 298,527 damage up front and ticks for 193,352 per second if you stay in the area.

The next possible ad you could get is Lingering Corruption. They don’t do much once alive, however, when they die, they put a debuff on you, which will explode after 10 seconds, dealing 580,588 damage to everyone in an 8 yard radius around you, so you should spread out once the debuff is about to run out to avoid damaging your team.

The final pack of ads include Mogu’shan Secret Keepers, which slowly turn you to stone the longer they’re alive and Enormous Stone Quilen, which occasionally Bite their target (the tank, usually), dealing twice their normal damage. You just have to kill them as fast as you can, possibly prioritising Mogu’shan Secret Keepers.

Damn, that’s mostly it.

TL;DR – Face Tormenting Orbs when they’re about to be done or get disoriented. After you get Sap Soul cast on you, don’t use an important ability next, because it is going to have 10 seconds added to its cooldown.

At 75 and 50 percent, Tormentorum will release prisoners. AoE them down as fast as possible while being mindful of their abilities.


The first Ash’golm mechanic you should know about is Lava Wreath. He will create a ring of lava. You can walk through it to absorb it, but it will deal 148,732 damage over 3 seconds to you. While it seems stupid to do it, it actually has a purpose. You see, the boss throws out Volcanoes at random enemies, which deal 297,465 damage and knockback the player (you CAN get knocked off the edge of the platform if you stand too close to it, be careful), while also spawning Embers, small lava ads, which Sear random targets and move around. If they hit a lava pool from Lava Wreath, they get Fired Up, exploding for 386,704 damage to everyone after 5 seconds. You see? Soaking 148k is better than soaking 386k, isn’t it?

Once the damage becomes too much, you should activate Countermeasures by clicking on… thingies at the edge of the room. Once you do, any lava pools will freeze, and become Brittle, not being able to attack and having their damage taken increased by 25%. If you are very confident in your DPS’ ability to nuke the boss down quickly, you can activate Countermeasures immediately and pop all DPS cooldowns, however, it’s okay to do it properly if you’re not sure you can do that.

TL;DR – Don’t get knocked off the map by Volcanoes, kill elementals, soak fire puddles when the elemental is about to touch the fire puddle, activate Countermeasures when it’s becoming too much to deal with.


Everyone should avoid the moving stuff on the ground. If the get hit, the stuff will divide into smaller pieces. Also, Glazer’s Lingering Gaze ability leaves zones, which deal 223,099 damage per second to anyone standing in them, while also slowing the person. Move out? Also, Glazer will overload lense found around the room. You should bring it down as quickly as you can, because if Glazer’s Beam hits it, it will explode, dealing 2,124,749 damage to everyone. Alternatively, when Glazer uses Beam, you can redirect it into his back using the lenses. That’s a very short section, but to be honest, the boss is quite simple once you get the hang of it.

TL;DR – Avoid stuff on ground, kill Overloaded Lens, redirect Beam into Glazer’s back.

Cordana Felsong

Tanks should be mindful of their position in relation to the edge of the platform, as Cordana occasionally knocks back the tank. Also,a player with Elune’s Light, the convenient thingie you used to be able to target the trash while on the way, which should be placed on the healer or ranged DPS now, should use it to clear Deepening Shadows, the blob of AoE damage dealing glob, which deals 386,704 DPS to anyone standing in it, to clear it away.

When the boss Shadowsteps away, kill the Avatar of Shadow as quickly as you possibly can in order to get back Elune’s Light and throw it to the center of the place where all the green Glaives are coming from. Just try to dodge them all in the meanwhile.

Cordana also uses an ability called Creeping Doom, which summons a line of Fel-infused ghosts, which deal 966,761 damage to anyone they hit and knock them back. Fortunately, there’s a gap in their ranks, so you should run to that place and wait for it to pass through.

If Cordana becomes immune to damage, that’s your cue to kill some ads. Usually, they can be found in the corners of the platform. You have to have Elune’s Light shining on it in order to be able to deal damage to it.

TL;DR – Dodge Glaives, don’t stand too close to the edge if you’re a tank. Someone with Elune’s Light, preferably healer or ranged DPS, needs to soak up Deepening Shadows, kill Avatar of Shadow, get past the gap in the ghost army’s ranks or die.