Mythic Neltharion’s Lair Guide

September 8, 2016 - Guides
Mythic Neltharion’s Lair Guide

While the title “Neltharion’s Lair” is quite promising when you keep in mind that Neltharion is better known as Deathwing, this dungeon is a bit of a letdown, unfortunately. You will only face no name bosses with a less impactful lead in that the one for Darkheart Thicket. Still, a Mythic is a Mythic, have to do them all before raids start, haven’t we?


Razor Shards, which makes Rokmora hurl crystals, which inflict 467k damage in a cone in front of the boss, makes it mandatory to tank it away from the group once again. The tanks themselves should note that once the ability starts casting, they can move away to avoid the damage. What a surprise.

Another ability to keep in mind is Crystalline Ground. For once, it encourages standing in place instead of moving around like squirrels on a sugar rush. For 10 seconds, you will receive almost 52k damage every 0.5 seconds while you’re moving.

When you deal damage to the boss, his crystalline body will shatter little by little, dropping crystals everywhere. Out of the crystals, Blightshard Skitters will spawn. Once they die, they will leave a cloud of crystalline gas (how does that work?), which will tick for 168k every second you remain standing in it. Obviously, you should nuke the Skitters down and move out of the gas. To encourage you to kill the ads as fast as possible, Rokmora also smashes the ground, making the skitters explode for 259k damage, reduced by the amount of health they had left at the time of the explosion. The best way to deal with the ads is to stand close to the boss because this will make it easier to pick up and cleave the ads.

TL;DR – Face away from the party for Razor Shards, dodge it yourself. Stand still while Crystalline Ground is active. Kill ads before the boss does it, move out of the poison cloud.

Ularogg Cragshaper

This is one of the more originally designed fights in Legion due to one feature which will be discussed a little bit later. First, we have to talk about Sunder. This Ularogg’s ability smacks the tank for 850k Nature damage. Obviously, that’s a big chunk of damage to take straight up, so you should try and mitigate it.

Next up is a cool little ability called Strike of the Mountain. Two pairs of stone hands will appear around you and move inwards, exploding for 1,5 million damage on contact, if you don’t move away. Now, that’s much more imaginative than… poison blobs, for example. More punishing of failure too. It’s not hard to notice, just move away or die.

Ularogg also spawns totems called Bellowing Idols, which cause the ceiling to crumble on top of your heads, ultimately dealing around 80k damage to everyone hit by the debris. Once they appear, switch focus to them immediately and mow them down.

Finally, the coolest ability in this fight. Ularog moves into the center of the room, turns himself into a Bellowing Idol, and then quickly moves around the room together with several other idols. You have to try and track with the Ularogg idol is and DPS it down as fast as possible to make the boss appear once again. If you fail, well… you will just have to shoot in the dark until you hit, taking AoE damage from the rest of the Idols’ Falling Debris all the way.

TL;DR – Don’t get stone clapped, kill Idols, track Ularogg when he turns into one and kill it as fast as possible.


One of the most important things to keep in mind when fighting Naraxas is to kill Wormspeaker Devouts as fast as possible. If they spawn away from the boss, melee DPS should even run to help, because if one of them reaches the boss, it will sacrifice itself, givinh him a stack of Ravenous. More about that later.

Next, Naraxas will use Toxic Retch, which will make him… retch bile pools. They deal 83k damage every 0.5 seconds to anyone who’s standing near the boss and tik for 42k every second for 5 seconds if you stand in them farther away.

Naraxas also casts Rancid Maw, which fires venom at a player, dealing almost 200k damage on impact and leaves a pool of Toxic Bile. If you get caught in the bile, your movement speed will be reduced by 50%.

Once Naraxas casts Spiked Tongue, the tank should run away from him like a little girl as fasts as possible. When the ability finishes casting, Naraxas will grab you with his tongue and start pulling you towards himself in order to eat you, while dealing 363k damage every second for 5 seconds. You can avoid being eaten by running away far enough. If the boss does manage to eat you, it gains a stack of Ravenous, which makes it deal 50% more damage for the rest of the encounter. Do you see now why killing Devouts is important? Thought so.

TL;DR – Kill Wormspeaker Devouts. Avoid pools of bile. Tank, run away or get eaten when Naraxas casts Spiked Tongue.

Dargrul the Underking

The tank should pull the boss and tank it away from the group, with his back against the wall because it will help to minimize annoyance once you get hit by Landslide, which deals 550k adamage and knocks you back. Once Dargrul knocks you back with Landslide, he uses Molten Crash, which deals 750k damage, further increased by 415k when the tank doesn’t use any active mitigation, making it around 865k damage in total. Obviously, mitigate dat damage, boy. Try not to move the boss too much too, because it deals 23k AoE damage with every step. That’s not much, but still, why worry your poor Healer?

The next concern is Dargrul’s Magma Sculptor ability, which summons ads called Molten Charskins. They fixate on a random target and go for that person. The longer the ad lives, the more Rising Inferno stacks it gets, each one increases his movement speed and damage by 2%. If you are fixated on by a Charskin, try and lead it into a Crystal Spike, because that will stun it for 10 seconds and increase its damage taken by 100%.

Speaking of Crystal Spikes, those spawn at enemy’s location and deal 755k damage if you don’t move out of it. Besides being a useful thing to stun Charskins, they also serve as cover for Magma Wave. This is a killer of an ability, which periodically deals 509k damage to everyone, who’s not in cover, with the total amount of damage done being around 1,417 million, which is enough to kill most people. When Dargrul starts doing the Magma Wave, stop everything and hide behind Crystals.  

TL;DR – Tank with back up against a wall, mitigate attack following Landslide, called Molten Crash. Kill Charskins, dodge Crystals and hide behind them when boss starts casting Magma Wave.