Mythic Maw of Souls Guide

September 6, 2016 - Guides
Mythic Maw of Souls Guide

One of the coolest looking dungeons in Legion, Maw of Souls is also one of the shorter ones, having only three bosses. While not overly hard, it’s also not a total cakewalk, with some people wiping on trash as well as bosses when they don’t know what exactly they should be doing.

Ymiron, the Fallen King

Moving to the first boss, you will face several different types of adds. The first are the Seacursed Slavers with their annoying spears. You can avoid the DoT by moving out of melee range till it’s done casting. Seacursed Soulkeeper’s Defiant Strike should also be dodged.

The first boss, Ymiron, the Fallen King, isn’t really the most difficult boss to grasp for anyone who is doing Mythic Maw of Souls for the first time. Tanks need to use cooldowns to mitigate Dark Slash, which will hit them for 1,450,141 Shadow damage, once Ymiron starts casting Screams of the Dead, there will be a big purple ring around the boss. If you don’t run out in time, you will take 594,930 Shadow damage and get feared for 5 seconds. Everyone, especially the tank and healer, have to get out of that. Also, avoid the purple blobs on the ground and group up on the boss when he summons the ads to make it easier to pick them up and mow them down. Ymiron’s final ability is Winds of Northrend. It blasts everyone for 309,363 Frost damage and knocks them back. You could be in trouble if you get knocked back into purple blobs, make sure that you won’t.

TL;DR – Tanks mitigate Dark Slash, run from Screams of the Dead or get feared, avoid purple blobs, kill adds.


After Ymiron is dead, you should use the horn to move on in the instance. You will appear on a very rickety-looking boat. The ads are very tightly packed there, so you should be extremely careful to not pull too much. Seacursed Swiftblades cast a Ghostly Cleave, which needs to be sidestepped. Nightwatch Mariner should be fought alone because the damage to the whole party could get overwhelming if you fight more than this evil one at the same time. Grimewalker needs to be moved each time he spawns green stuff on the ground, while also avoiding his Vile Breath. Helarjar Champion’s Bonechilling Scream needs to be interrupted because it will fear everyone if it goes through.

When you reach the boss and pull it, the first thing you want to do is stack in one place and move together as one. Don’t stand in the purple stuff on the ground. Also, this will allow you to quickly cleave down the Fragment ads, which spawn occasionally. Once the Shackled Servitor spawns, switch DPS to it immediately and make sure to interrupt the bony thing as much as possible. When harbaron casts Cosmic Scythe, you can and SHOULD just dodge it in the same direction, because it deals over 400k damage to anyone it hits.

TL;DR – Stack in melee, kill adds, interrupt skeleton, dodge purple spells.


The road to Helya was a cause of many a wipe in my experience, usually because the whole deck of the ship ended up being pulled inadvertently. Make sure to always interrupt Helarjar Champion’s Bonechilling Scream. This isn’t the most annoying ad on the way to Helya, however. That title belongs to Helarjar Mistcallers and Mistmenders. Their Surge of Waters and Whirpool of Souls are hella annoying to deal with. The heal, Surge of Waters, MUST be interrupted or you WILL fight the miserable forever. Just… kill it first, as fast as possible.

When fighting Skjal, stack in melee to help group up ads move out of the Give No Quarter ability and interrupt Debilitating Shout to not get debuffed with increased damage taken. Once he’s dead, jump down to finally fight Helya. Before I talk about the fight in more detail, let me just say that it. looks. awesome!

The first phase of the fight involves fighting against Helya’s tentacle monsters. Similar to Azshara bosses, Destructor Tentacles aren’t very happy when there’s nobody tanking them, so… tanks should do it, while DPS prioritize them above the Grasping ones as well. Helya will try to help her tentacle monsters by putting Taint of the Sea on targets. Healers should dispel it and the target should move immediately, because as soon as it’s dispelled, An AoE called Tainted Essence will drop on their head, dealing 1,354,528 damage.

The next thing to watch out for is Brackwater Barrage. Once your Boss Mods announce that it’s casting, you should look at her, seeing which hand is raised up and move to the opposite side to dodge it.

When phase 2 starts, pop everything and start burning Helya with fire. Healers shouldn’t forget to dispel as well. Tanks should always stay in melee range because Helya will use Wing Buffet, which deals 483,380 damage to everyone, if they don’t. It also is increased by 15% per cast.

There will also be a vomit projectile called Corrupted Bellow. You can tell which direction it’s going to go in by looking at which side she’s facing when she starts casting it. While moving around, try to avoid stepping into the holes in the deck because that will stun you. Basically, the fight boils down to predicting where the Bellow is going and avoiding it, while also moving out of where Tainted Essence is going to drop once Taint of the Sea is dispelled. While it’s not very difficult, it CAN be very chaotic, however, that’s one of the reasons why the fight is actually fun.

TL;DR – Destructor Tentacles over Grasping, someone needs to be in melee range of Destructors and later Helya. Healer dispels Taint of the Sea, targets move out of the AoE. Helya Barrages and Bellows, have to dodge that.