Mythic Halls of Valor Guide

September 6, 2016 - Guides
Mythic Halls of Valor Guide

Continuing our guide series on World of Warcraft: Legion Mythic dungeons, we’re here to talk about Halls of Valor now. While Eye of Azshara wasn’t extremely difficult to grasp by any means, Halls of Valor is quite similar in many ways. Once you know what to do and can execute the strategies, it’s quite doable with an iLevel of around 820.


Like in many Mythic dungeons of this expansion, trash isn’t something you blast through as fast as possible anymore. In some cases, it’s actually harder than bosses itself. Halls of Valor could approach that level if you don’t know what to do. In the case of pre-Hymdall trash, it drops Thunder Strike on you, shown by a lighting circle around your general area. You should get out of it ASAP or get stunned. Adds called Storm Drakes also spawn Lightning Tornadoes. Move out of them because it’s not only fire you shouldn’t stand in.

Concerning the boss fight itself, the tanks should go by the age old wisdom, which says to turn the boss away from the rest of the raid. In the case of Hymdall, it’s because he uses an ability called Bloodletting Sweep, which swipes at all enemies in front of him, dealing 530,064 damage in a cone, while also reducing all healing received by 25%, and putting a small dot on anyone hit. The tank can take the damage, melee DPS… not so much, not without putting undue stress on the poor healer.

Speaking of Healers, they should be especially mindful of Horn of Valor, which deals 687,013 damage to everyone in the group and summons a Storm Drake. Now, any kind of drake is very awesome, especially if it includes a moon; however, this isn’t really the case here, because these Storm Drakes breathe lighting on the ground, which deals 708,499 damage every 2 seconds while you’re standing in the stuff. Static Field also spawns Ball Lightning, tornadoes of electricity which move from the zone of the field, dealing 1,100,479 damage to anyone hit by them. Obviously, avoid that stuff instead of finishing casting your abilities because they hurt a lot.

If you are on some kind of voice comm, you should call out where the dragon is so that people know where it’s going to put up the Static Field. I can go on the left side, middle, and right side or front, middle, and back, depending on how you’re positioned. Speaking of positioning, you should try and stand on the sides of the bridge, behind the boss, in order to be able to avoid Dancing Blades better, while also having enough room to move from Storm Drakes’ lightning. Dancing Blades are thrown at random players. When they land, the whirl, doing 419,230 damage every 2 seconds to all enemies in range. You should get out as fast as possible.

TL;DR – Turn boss away from group, avoid Static Field and its Ball Lightning, which will come soon after Horn of Valor is used. DPS should stand in the corners to baig out well-positioned Dancing Blades.


Up next, there’s a patrol walking around. You should pull the pack on the opposite side of him and bring it around halfway up the stairs to avoid aggroing the patrol once it comes back. Just don’t go too far or you might aggro the next pack. The mob you should be concerned about is the Valarjaar Mystic. It casts heals, which should be interrupted every time. If he does manage to get a Rune of Healing down, you should obviously move the mobs away from it. The next group of ads can be mostly avoided by going between the tables and the left wall, hugging it as close as possible. It is somewhat risky, though. You might pull more than you can deal with on accident. The adds put a Lightning debuff on random players. If you get it, you need to get away from the group. It would help if anyone who’s close would move in the opposite direction as well. When fighting Stormforge Sentinels, move out of the lightning stuff. The shield they gain when they are at third of their health can be dispelled to finish them off quicker. On the next trash pack, make sure to get the Valarjar Purifier down from his perch and interrupt as much as you can because it does a lot of damage. Up next, try and avoid Aspirant’s blast by moving away. When fighting Solsten, stand in the bubble to avoid most of the lightning damage and dodge Olmyr’s bolts of light.

When you finally reach Hyrja, never tank it in the middle of the room, because if you do, both Solsten and Olmyr will buff her up. Instead, pick a side, tank the boss there. Once she starts casting Shield of Light, position yourself so that you will get knocked into the other add (for example, if you’re tanking Hyrja near Olmyr, position yourself in such a way that you would get knocked back towards Solsten, so that the boss follows you and comes to the other side of the room. You might want to pop a defensive cooldown of some sort to mitigate some of the damage too.

When tanking the boss on Solsten’s side of the area, make sure to stand within the bubble when Hyrja casts Eye of the Storm, and spread out for Arcing Bolt, while also dodging Sanctify’s light orbs when tanking on Olmyr’s side. The people who get hit by Expel Light need to move away from the group before it explodes.

TL;DR – Don’t tank Hyrja in the middle because she will get stacks from both Solsten and Olmyr. After each Shield of Light, move to the other side. Hide under the dome when she casts Eye of the Storm, spread out for Arcing Bolt on Solsten side, Avoid Sanctify orbs and move away to explode Expel Light on Olmyr’s side.


Doubling back to where you came from, hug the wall once again to the portal. Once inside, look for wolf tracks to figure out where Fenryr actually is. The boss fight itself isn’t very complicated. Casters need to stop casting during Unnerving Howl unless you WANT to get interrupted. Some people should go into melee range to help split the damage in order to make the tank’s life easier, while also being spread out for Ravenous Leap to avoid the bleed getting on someone who’s not supposed to get it. Once you bring Fenryr down to 60% Health, he will run to his den. You will have to follow him while clearing any wolves in the area. Just use BSTS (Better Safe Than Sorry) because they have an aura which buffs each other.

The second phase of the fight is somewhat similar but also different. When Fenryr casts Unnerving Howl, he will spawn three adds which you need to kill as fast as possible due to the same aura as the trash wolves. The wolf also fixates on random players, chasing them down. You have two options: the healer could try and heal through the damage for a manly option or the targeted player could just run away until the fixate runs out. The second option is much safer, however, you do need a lot of room. You should decide beforehand what you’re going to do and clear the area accordingly if you prefer the safe option.

Once Fenryr is dead, move back to the portal and double back to the middle of the long corridor. The door will now be open.

TL;DR – Stop casting during Unnerving Howl, Spread out for Ravenous Leap, help the tank by soaking Claw Frenzy. In second phase, kill wolves as fast as possible and run away if you have Scent of Blood as well.

God-King Skovald

When clearing adds, don’t forget BSTS, interrupting everything you can. After you reach the final room of the instance, you will have to kill 4 kings before you can fight Skovald himself. You can do them in any order, but we recommend taking care of the far left one first. You will have to fight one them, then another, and finally, two last ones at the same time.

Once the kings are taken care of, God-King Skovald will come and make you giggle with his weird speech. When the fight starts, someone should pick up the Aegis of Aggramar and use it when Skovald is casting Ragnarok. Everyone should hide behind the shield, walking out when Ragnarok is done. Without Aegis, you WILL die, no matter what you or someone else does to help you.

Skovald will spawn several adds called Flame of Woe. You need to kite them around while killing them as fast as possible to avoid nasty damage. When Skovald uses the Aegis, you should stand behind it to deal damage. When none of this is happening, make sure to spread out. The tanks should also make sure to use some kind of mitigation for Savage Blade casts.

That’s mostly it concerning Skovald. The fight is centered around the use of Aegis of Aggramar, grouping up behind it when Ragnarok is cast, circumventing it when it’s Skovald’s turn to use it, kiting and killing adds quickly, and then grouping up again when needed.

TL;DR – Hide behind Aegis for Ragnarok, walk around the Aegis when Skovald uses it, Kite and kill Flames of Woe, tanks should mitigate Savage Blade.


There won’t be any trash before the fight against Odyn starts for once. The first ability you should take care to avoid is Spear of Light, which land at player’s location and deal heavy damage. Also, remember that they release Glowing Fragments, which stun anyone who touches them and deal 1,165,340 damage. After some time, Odyn will cast Shatter Spears, which will… shatter the spears, releasing Glowing Fragments. DON’T GET HIT!

Next up is Radiant Tempest. Odyn will pull everyone to himself and start casting the ability. If you don’t outrange it in time, you will suffer through 3,262,952 damage and get knocked backed, though it’s much more likely that you will just die. Use any movement speed increasing abilities you have to get out in time.

Odyn also casts Stormforged Obliterators. These adds need to be killed as quickly as possible while also interrupting every single cast of Surge, because it deals 582,670 damage to everyone within range. Each successful cast of Surge reduces its cast time by 100%, making it much harder to interrupt. Do you see why it might be a problem if Obliterators aren’t kept up with?

The final thing to know about is what to do when you get a glowy rune above your head. It’s called Runic Brand. Every player in the group gets one. Once he does, he needs to move to the corresponding spot on the ground to cleanse the 53k dot which deals damage every 2 seconds to you. Once you do clear it, you will become Branded. This means that your damage will be increased by 50%, while also increasing your movement speed by 25%. You will also get healed to full.

That’s about it concerning Odyn. I hope you don’t have too much problems with this or any other boss after reading this guide.

TL;DR – Don’t get hit by Spear of Light or its Glowing Fragments, get out of range of Radiant Tempest. Interrupt Stormforged Obliterators and kill them as fast as possible. Dispel Runic Brand by running to the corresponding area on the ground.