Mythic Eye of Azshara Guide

September 5, 2016 - Guides
Mythic Eye of Azshara Guide

While waiting and preparing for raids to be unlocked, one has nothing better to do than to do World Quests and farm dungeons for gear. Once your reach 100, you might have to do a certain amount of Normal dungeons to get up to 810 iLevel, which will unlock Heroic dungeons. Next step in your character’s progression is farming Heroics. While they do hurt a little bit more than Normals, you can still more or less ignore encounter mechanics and survive, provided that the other members of your group aren’t potatoes. They won’t like you for it at all, though.

All of that somewhat changes when you start doing Mythic dungeons. Suddenly, ignorance concerning fight mechanics is punished much more harshly. Whether you do Mythics in premade groups or with your guildies, you surely don’t want to get them angry at you, do you? Well, that’s where DrakeMoon’s Mythic Dungeon Guides come in. We will tell you what you should look out for in the 8 immediately available Mythic Dungeons and the Suramar ones, The Arcway and Court of Stars, starting out with Eye of Azshara.

Warlord Parjesh

The first boss you’re going to fight, Warlord Parjesh, isn’t very difficult, provided you know what to avoid and execute properly. Moving to the boss, you can avoid a lot of the ads by hugging the left side of the area. There is some trash you have to confront though. The mobs you should be concerned with are called Hatecoil Crusher and Hatecoil Oracle. You should make sure to interrupt their Thundering Stomp and Rejuvenating Waters as you’re killing them.

Starting with tanking, Parjesh provides a bit of a challenge in ad management because he summons two of them, Hatecoil Shellbreaker and Hatecoil Crestrider. Shellbreaker casts a spell called Bellowing Roar, which deals 307,263 damage to all enemies, while Crestrider spams Lighting Strike, which deals 163,487 to random targets, like confetti. While in a perfect world, you would interrupt both abilities, you should prioritise Bellowing Roar as it’s more annoying.

While the general logic of raiding says that ads should be killed ASAP, that’s not advisable for the Parjesh encounter. You should keep one ad, preferably Crestrider, alive. Tanks should try to keep it between the boss and themselves if possible. That’s due to Parjesh’s ability, called Impaling Spear. It throws a spear at an enemy, hitting the FIRST target the spear encounters for an initial spike of 542,637 damage and ticking for the same every 2 seconds for 12 seconds. If the boss targets your healer or DPS and they have no way to hide behind and ad, be a hero and take the hit. It’s better that the healer has to heal YOU harder instead of splitting focus between you and the other player.

Another ability to concern yourself with is Parjesh’s Crashing Wave, which makes him charge forward, dealing 1,076,579 damage to all targets it hits. Obviously, that’s a bigass damage spike and should be avoided at all costs. After the Wave, he also leaves puddles of Quicksand after that, which ticks for 230,737 ever 2 seconds and reduces movement speed by 35%. While the Quicksand damage isn’t really that backbreaking, it COULD overwhelm your healer if you stand in it too long. If you get hit by Crashing Wave, you’re half dead unless you’re a tank, as well as a potato to boot.

While paying attention to the mechanics discussed above, healers should potato-spot and make sure to switch most of their attention to the people who are unfortunate enough to get hit by Impaling Spear. If you don’t, they WILL die. If you can interrupt, make sure to help out with that.

Like in most fights, DPS have it the easiest. All they have to do is to burst down one of the two ads each time they spawn (preferably the one which cast Bellowing Roar), hide behind the remaining one when targeted by Impaling Spear and move away when Parjesh rushes someone with Crashing Wave. It might make sense to stand in front of the boss, behind the tank.

All in all, Parjesh isn’t that difficult, you just need to know what to do and execute, like in all boss fights, to be honest.


Tanks – Pick up ads, interrupt as much as possible, prioritising Bellowing Roar, try to stand behind ad if targeted by Impaling Spear, move away from Crashing Wave, take an Impaling Spear meant for your party member if he can’t get behind ad fast enough.

Healers – Avoid Crashing Wave, hide behind ad if targeted by Impaling Spear, heal anyone hard if they get hit by Impaling Spear.

DPS – DPS one of the ads, preferably Shellbreaker, interrupt as much as possible, avoid Crashing Wave, hide behind ad if targeted by Impaling Spear.

Lady Hatecoil

To have a chance to face Lady Hatecoil, you will have to kill 2 Hatecoil Arcanists. Moving to them, try to avoid pulling any neutral mobs. If you do end up aggroing any, however, stun them and kill them as fast as possible due to their annoying abilities.

While fighting lady Hatecoil, you will have several things to concern yourself with. The first is an ability called Static Nova. It deals 1,507,327 damage to anyone who stands in the water when it’s cast, stunning them for 5 seconds as well.

The next thing to keep in mind is Focused Lightning. While it was a great idea to stand on sand during Static Nova, it’s really not for Focused Lightning because it blows away any sand nearby. It also deals 784,390 damage, which can’t really be avoided. Following Focused Lightning hitting, all players will emit Excess Lightning, which deals 184,357 damage to any nearby players, so spreading out is a good idea.

Lady Hatecoil also puts a debuff called Curse of the Witch on players. When it runs out, it kncks away players, so you should make sure to turn away from the rest of the group when it’s about to run out.

Last, Lady Hatecoil summons several ads, which apply a movement speed reduction debuff upon death. It should be dispelled by the healer.

TL;DR – Static Nova BAD, stand on sand. Focused Lightning BAD, don’t stand on sand. Curse of the Witch BAD, don’t face other players when it runs out, and Saltsea Globules ANNOYING, kill them near the boss and dispel debuff.


Moving on to Serpentrix, you want to go by BSTS, which means Better Safe Than Sorry and clear ads instead of skipping them. Cove Seagulls are especially important to kill carefully because they disorient tanks, making every other mob attack someone else. If they come over in the middle of a big pull, you could get rekt really hard.

Okay, the boss fight itself now. Tanks should make sure to stay in melee range of Serpentrix as much as possible because she gets angry when there’s nobody to hit and starts spitting poison. Everyone should move out of Poison Spit, which is cast at a random target. Also, if you get targetted by Toxic Wound, keep moving to avoid taking damage from Toxic Puddles (279,841 every second), just, you know, don’t run through other people.

At 66 and 33 percent of health, Serpentrix will say, “Screw it, I’m outta here and Submerge, moving to another location, while also summoning reinforcements in the form of Blazing Hydra Spawn, which casts Blazing Nova, inflicting 158,269 damage to all enemies within 100 yards, and Arcane Hydra Spawn, which casts Arcane Blast at random targets, dealing 126,384 damage to a random target and applying Arcane Charge, which buffs it’s damage by 50%. This buff stacks, so it could get overwhelming if Arcane Hydra isn’t killed ASAP. When the boss submerges, the tank should make his way to the boss as fast as possible to stop it from having a hissy fit, while DPS should go kill the Hydras before moving their DEEPS onto the boss once again. You might want to consider having 2 DPS on Arcane and 1 on Blazing Hydra.

TL;DR – Move out of Poison Spit, Don’t stand still when targeted by Toxic Wound, don’t stand in Toxic Puddles and for Thrall’s sake, don’t run through the team when targeted by TW. Tank, get to boss as fast as possible after it submerges. DEEPS, kill Hydra’s ASAP, don’t stand in stuff.

King Deepbeard

Moving to the boss, most ads can be avoided by going around them after coming out of the caves, with the exception of Skrog Wavecrasher and Skrog Tidestomper. It’s best to burst one of them as fast as possible. Wavecrasher is probably more dangerous because it has a stun, so it should go down first.

When you finally reach the boss, you should be aware of several things. First, most of Deepbeard’s damage is avoidable. Tanks, you should avoid Ground Slam because it deals 1,107,885 damage. It also casts a Quake, which deals 369,295 damage to anyone caught in its blast and following it up with Aftershock, which does additional 527,564 damage. It’s a very good idea to spread out to avoid chaos when it’s time to move out of stuff.

Also, there will be a lot of moving spots of damage, which should be avoided, called Call the Seas, which deal 31,564 damage every 0.3 seconds. The final ability Deepbeard has is Gaseous Bubbles. For 20 seconds after it’s cast on you, you will have an absorb shield of 750,000 damage. That looks awesome, right? No. Once the 20 seconds are up, it will explode, dealing the remaining amount of the shield in damage to everyone. If you have Gaseous Bubbles, you should intentionally seek out damage in order to burn through the absorb shield. Even getting hit by Ground Slam could be okay, though it will probably leave you with a health deficit. It’s better to just soak Call the Seas until the shield is down. The fight isn’t complicated at all.

TL;DR – Don’t stand in bad shit on the ground unless you have Gaseous Bubbles, feel free to do it if you do.

Wrath of Azshara

To be able to fight Azshara, you will have to kill 4 Mystic Ssa’vehs which are channeling to the boss itself. Just make sure to interrupt everything you can and dispel a lot, while avoid stuff that looks bad, it’s not very hard.

Tanks, Azshara throws a hissy fit similar to Serpentrix and casts Raging Storm, which deals 414,000 AoE damage and increases Frost damage taken for 20 seconds, when you’re not in melee range, so just stay close. When Mystic Tornades spawn, move away from those too because they deal 460,000 damage and knocks players away. While it’s bad if anyone gets hit by it, it’s twice as bad if the tanks gets rekt by it, because of Raging Storm. Finally, Azshara will cast Massive Deluge, which deals 1,240,000 damage and knocks them away from Azshara. Whatever you do, get out of that.

Healers, your children will get Arcane Bombs on them. They will track the player and deal 983,241 damage to everyone within 10 yards if it hits. Dispeling it allows the player to move out of range without it hitting them, however.

The final ability of great importance is Crushing Depths. It deals 605 of the target’s maximum health, however, the damage is split between everyone within 12 yards of the target, so you should be a nice fellas and stack up when someone gets Crushing Depths.

TL;DR – Tanks, Melee range is nice, stay in it. Avoid bad shit on ground and in the air. DPS, Tornadoes are bad, don’t stand in them, Arcane Bomb isn’t good either, move away once it’s been dispelled. If you have Crushing Depths, stack with other people to spread out the damage. Healers, dispel Arcane Bomb to avoid having to heal people later, The rest is sorta the same as in the case of DPS.