MoonWars Characters: Zap

September 15, 2017 - Guides
MoonWars Characters: Zap

When the Council of Elders informed Zap about the bump his cloning program was going to receive, the Chief Scientist was excited. When he heard that Baby Drake, or Overlord Zag’marath, as the fool insisted on being called, was to be involved, he was dubious.

Even in space, however, you don’t look a gift Zagrak in the mouth, so Zap resolved to make the best of a bad situation.

The research was difficult, the explosion caused by the first clone didn’t help matters any, but Zap persevered and perfected his cloning techniques. Throughout the process, while working to up the number of clones produced and genetically engineering their qualities, Zap slowly started to care for all of his creations.

Baby Drake Squad remained his favorites. While they could be ruthless if ordered to be, they learned to be as gentle as Zap normally. On dark nights, spent over his notes, trying to fix the latest problem to come up, Zap started thinking of the Baby Drake Squad as his children. Slowly, his priorities mutated. With the Council of Elders discussing their elimination, Zap found himself doubting their wisdom for the first time.

If only the Squad members were smart! Then, Zap could actually turn them into His little helpers. Unfortunately, they were as dumb as the LEGO brick they were so fond of carrying around.

Suddenly, Zap had an idea. Immediately, he called the Herald and asked for a meeting with the Council of Elders.

Standing in front of the Council was always nerve-wracking for Zap, but he resolved to do his best for his beloved Squad.

“Honorable Elders,” he said. “While the cloning program is going well, I am concerned about the continued well-being of the clones on their mission to Earth.”

“And what would you propose to do about it?” asked the Elder Supreme with a knowing look in its eyes.

“I would like to join the mission establish a cloning facility on the ship,” Zap proposed. “This would let me look after the clones and make new ones if needed.”

The Council conferred amongst themselves for a second. Finally, the Elder Supreme nodded its head and looked at Zap.

“In our infinite wisdom, we have decided to grant you this request, Zap of the Science Center for Advancement of the Lar‘magoth,” he said. “Go and prepare, for space is boring and full of dangers.”

Ecstatic, Zac said his thanks and hurried out of the hall before the Council decided to change their decision. It was hard, but Zap found a way. His children dear idiotic children were going to be kept safe, no matter how many planets he would have to ravage, how many Bomber explosions he would have to witness, he decided. The greatness of Lar’magoth was important, but the Baby Drake Squad was even more so.