MoonWars Characters: Zap Cloud

September 22, 2017 - Guides
MoonWars Characters: Zap Cloud

It took a while, but Zap, Baby Drake, and their clone army finally boarded a fleet of Flying Zepberg class spaceships and made their way towards the Earth. The journey was long and tiring for Zap. The constant bouts of megalomania by the leader of the mission, Baby Drake made all the more difficult. Fortunately, Zap’s favorites, the so-called Baby Drake Squad, made it easier with their adorable antics.

When the fleet finally reached Earth, the entrance through the planet’s atmosphere looked to be quite smooth; everything was going well. But then out of nowhere, the fleet was attacked by some kind of weird cloud, which furiously blasted their ships with devastating attacks. Baby Drake ran up to the command bridge.

“Zap, what the hell is happening?”

“Some kind of mysterious force is attacking our ships, sir,” Zap answered.

“Get it fixed, dumbo. You don’t want to make Overlord Zag’marath angry, do you?”

“Yes, sir,” Zap answered promptly and went to work.

Fortunately, he thought about the possibility of the ships needing additional defenses before leaving on the mission, so it wasn’t impossible to tweak their systems to turn the shields on.

“Squad, I need a 3.15 shlaka wrench!” Zap barked out.

“Squad,” they answered and hurried off to the toolbox.

Soon, they came back, carrying the wrench between them. Zap took it and got under the main computer that controlled the ship. For the next several seconds, you could only hear banging and twirling. When Zap got out, he pressed a button and a thick field of energy enveloped the ship he was on and all the others.

Zap turned to Baby Drake.

“We should be safe for the time being, sir,” he said.

“For the time being?”

“Yes, sir. The enemy is very powerful. Our shield isn’t likely to hold forever, sir.”

“Well, find a way to defeat it, you idiot!” Baby Drake screamed and went away.

Zap considered his options. He didn’t know what the enemy was made of but it seemed to be using energy-based attacks. If Zap could siphon away some of the energy the being had and transfer it to the ships, it would weaken the being and strengthen their forces in a single move. Having decided what to do, Zap rushed off to get the sciencing done.

In short order, Zap whipped up a device which was supposed to steal the powerful cloud’s energy, which would then be channeled to their army’s vessels and guns, making them take up some of the properties of the cloud’s power. Zap and his idiotic Squad helpers quickly built a device, which could do just that.

Unfortunately, a Baby Drake Bomber was close by when Zap was about to turn on the device. Seeing a colorful wire and wondering if it would make his bomb explode harder, the Bomber pulled it out just before Zap activated the device and nobody noticed.

In the beginning, the machine worked as expected. It drew power from the cloud, weakening it. Unfortunately, it had nowhere to go. Energy does have to go somewhere. With no other options, the energy surrounded Zap.

Everyone around the Chief Scientist panicked at that point, running around the room like headless chickens. The energy went through every cell in Zap’s body, judging him. It noticed that Zap wasn’t really enthusiastic about the invasion itself, that he was mostly interested in protecting squad. Thus, it decided to help protect Zap and settled in around the alien.

When the energy disappeared, everyone was shocked when they found Zap alive. The only thing different about him was that he wasn’t standing on the ground anymore. He was floating in the air on a small cloud.