MoonWars Characters: The Flying Zepberg

September 27, 2017 - Guides
MoonWars Characters: The Flying Zepberg

The Lar’magothi people have been space invaders for hundreds of years. They survived by sending their Flying Zepberg class battleships to other planets, conquering them and looting for anything that could help them sustain their parasitic lifestyle.

The first and greatest battleship was created by Zap’s great-great-great-grandfather, Ziplox. He was celebrated as the most brilliant mind to ever grace the planet of Lar’magoth.

With his planet starving and the precipice of total ruin, Ziplox created The Flying Zepberg, a battleship so magnificent that more developed of the planets which were aware of the Lar’magothi people, surrendered at the sight of The Flying Zepberg entering their atmosphere because they knew of the terrible might of this vessel.

For hundreds of years, the nation copied the designs of The Flying Zepberg and consolidated their power in the galaxy by sending these ships all around the galaxy.

When Baby Drake was given the mission to conquer the Earth, the original and legendary battleship was the only one to be docked at Lar’magoth’s spaceports. Zap, the current Chief Scientist, was extremely proud to have the chance to go on an expedition in a ship his ancestor created.

One day, when supervising the production of the clone army, Zap had an idea. What if he copied ships instead of Baby Drakes? He immediately went into research mode and quickly figured out how to do it.

With the Council of Elders and other powerful and important Lar’magothi watching, he carried out the experiment. It was successful. While The Flying Zepberg was the only ship in the space docks, there were two of them now.

In that moment, Baby Drake and his clone army became a legitimate threat to the heroes on Earth. They didn’t know it yet, but the space parasites were coming for them. The Earth had a fight on their hands.