MoonWars Characters: Nine

September 22, 2017 - Guides
MoonWars Characters: Nine

Since time immemorial, Nine, the King of the Clouds watched over the Earth. It saw civilizations rise and fall, wept over the battlefields where man killed his fellow man with no power to stop it.

Even though it was a higher being, that didn’t mean that he didn’t feel human-like emotions like happiness, sadness, or loneliness. Over the centuries, Nine started feeling crushingly lonely in the sky with only birds for company.

Then, the humans, just like the inventive little creatures they were, created airplanes. Suddenly, Nine had company in the sky. Yes, the planes sometimes went through him but watching the planes pass him by and seeing a hundred little humans inside, traveling from one place to another, made him less lonely.

Unfortunately, Nine met a flying machine he did not like and could not tolerate. Going down towards the earth from outer space, a weird ship with a blue balloon keeping it up started descending towards the earth. Nine looked inside and saw a horde of weird little blue creatures checking their weapons and getting ready for battle.

Realizing that they preparing to start a war, Nine ruthlessly attacked the ship blasting it out of the sky and destroying everyone inside. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the last of the ships. Hundreds of them descended on the Earth out of the outer space. While Nine was able to defeat a couple more, that is where his success ender.

With a buzzing sound, one of the ships shook and was enveloped by a shield. Soon, the rest of the ships were protected as well. No matter how hard Nine tried, he wasn’t able to do anything to penetrate the shield. Then, a green alien came out onto the deck of the ship.

While everyone surrounding him radiated malice, the green one felt… caring and determined to protect. Then, four more blue aliens came out and the green one’s protectiveness spiked. Nine looked at them more carefully. They… were kind.

Now, Nine was hesitant. He didn’t know what to do. While most of the enemies were full of malice and wanted to subjugate Earth, Nine felt, these five were essentially innocents.

That is all the green alien needed. He lifted his gun towards the cloud and fired a blast of energy. Suddenly, the cloud felt pain for the first time in his life. He felt his power getting sapped away from him, traveling through the beam, the gun and onto the deck of the ship. A small cloud appeared and the alien stepped on it.

Nine was enraged. That green little thing dared to steal power from him! Nine wouldn’t stand for it, he thought. He would destroy these invaders. The cloud let out a blast of its power. It immediately felt that this attack was considerably weaker than before. It had no effect on the shielded ships.

Flying around the ship as quickly as it could, Nine looked for weaknesses in the shielding, finally finding one. Gathering all of its power, Nine let out a majestic blast and hit the weak point. It got through and destroyed the shield, but Nine was completely out of energy. Using the last vestiges of his ability, he hurried away to find a nice place to rest and recuperate.