MoonWars Characters: Luna

September 18, 2017 - Guides
MoonWars Characters: Luna

The Amazon was luscious. Everyone knew that and tried to come and visit the region at least once in their life. Despite the general beauty of the Amazon jungle, there was a special spot found in the depths of it.

If you were lucky to reach that spot, you were unavoidably awed by the beauty, peace, and tranquility found there. This little spot of heaven in the middle of a dense rainforest was almost untouched by man or machine. There, animals had a sanctuary from the hard life of the Jungle. In short, it was a piece of paradise, only found in the middle of nowhere.

This sanctuary was not uninhabited by humans, however. There, among the animals and the trees, in a cave, lived Luna. She did not look like a normal human. She was not a normal human. Through a freak miracle of birth, she was born stronger, faster, more agile than any man or woman alive.

Chased out of her town when her special abilities and looks became impossible to ignore, Luna found solace among the trees of the Amazon. She wondered the jungle for years, learning to survive and honing her skills. Eventually, she came upon the haven in the middle of the rainforest and turned it into her home, a sanctuary for any living creature which wanted to get away from the danger and hardships of life in the jungle.

For years, even decades, Luna lived in her idyllic sanctuary. Eventually, Luna noticed that while her animal friends had their children and grandchildren and died from old age, she didn‘t feel any different. She began to suspect that she might be immortal, forever cursed to wander the world which doesn‘t accept her, alone or having to watch as her friends wither and die.

Eventually, Luna accepted her unique lot in life and achieved peace of mind once again. Of course, as it often happens in life, that is precisely when everything went wrong.

Luna was gathering food for dinner, when a massive ship flew over her, throwing a foreboding shadow on her haven. Several minutes later, she heard a great boom and saw birds flying off of the trees in the distance, the top of a weird balloon thingie sticking out above the foliage.

She checked her bow and arrows and immediately rushed towards the disturbance. Navigating the forest as if it was second nature (because it was), she finally reached the landing site. What she saw there chilled her to the core. Scores of weird blue creatures with mean expressions on their identical faces were coming out of the ship.

When all of the soldiers were out, one more creature appeared. While his face was just like everyone else‘s, the look in his eyes and the way he held himself was different. Luna knew that this was the invaders‘ leader.

The leader looked at his soldiers, satisfied at both their numbers and attention. He opened his mouth to speak.

“Destroy all of this!”

As one, the soldiers followed the order and started ruining Luna’s forest. She jumped to defend it, shooting arrows at a furious pace, downing alien after alien, but it was not enough. Their numbers were much too great, they advanced towards her sanctuary no matter what she did.

Eventually, when arrows ran out, Luna was forced to take the fight to them in person, appearing out of the woods and quickly grabbing a couple of the aliens to dispose of them while they marched, with none being the wiser about what was happening.

Despite her best efforts, the aliens managed to reach the sanctuary. Out of the middle of the ranks, a lone alien appeared, protected by several others. He walked to the middle of her home, put some kind of device on the ground and hurriedly ran away.

Luna knew that she would be done for if she showed and tried to fight. A minute later, a huge explosion shook the ground. The sanctuary was gone, blown up without a trace.

Looking at the ruins of her home, Luna swore that she would not rest until these aliens, these invaders, were utterly destroyed. She resolved to make sure of it or her name was not Luna.