MoonWars Characters: Knocks

October 2, 2017 - Guides
MoonWars Characters: Knocks

As soon as the Earth’s defenders consolidate under a single beard-shaped banner of General Beard, Baby Drake and his forces had to go on the defensive. Even though they had Flying Zepbergs, The Flying Zepberg and an innumerable hoard of clone soldiers with the ability to make more anytime they wished, they were having a very hard time.

CANDY’s newfound power allowed him to dispatch Baby Drake’s ships, the bazooka Beard received when he was promoted to General also helped. On the ground, Foxy Luna, Knock, Ice and Beard, when he decided to get up close and personal fighting with the troops, as long as the Earth’s regular forces were more than a challenge for the invaders.

Before the battle even started, Beard’s forces needed to find where the main invader force was located. CANDY flew overhead and discovered the general area. Then, Foxy Luna scouted it and brought the information back to General Beard, who created his master plan.

In the early morning hours, it was time to strike against the enemies of Earth. CANDY was supposed to wreak havoc among the Flying Zepbergs with the support from Beard’s bazooka, while the regular army engaged the enemy encampment. Then, the heroes were supposed to encircle the enemy and attack with all of their might from different sides, while CANDY provided air support when possible.

In the beginning, the plan was going remarkably well. Nine’s heir, CANDY, was able to blow up scores of ships with his lightning breaths, Beard also damaged some with his bazooka after CANDY got through the ship’s shielding systems.

On the ground, our heroes were having the time of their lives, smashing heads together in Knock’s case, pumping them full of arrows in Luna’s, punting the aliens in Ice’s. The normal soldiers were also finally picking off more aliens than ever before with all of the enemy’s attention on the heroes.

Eventually, most of the resistance from the aliens was crushed, the heroes advanced to their only remaining ship. They went inside and started advancing on what seemed to be the most important room on the ship. There, they found Baby Drake and Zap, arguing about what to do.

“Drake, dammit, just surrender, we can’t copy you faster than they are killing the copies,” Zap insisted.

“Shut up, loser, just clone me again, I have to get away from here.”

Baby Drake stepped into the cloning chamber. Nobody understood what was happening. Cloning? What? Only Ice had some clue of what was happening. Sadly, it was also the slowest hero there.

Knock was the first to move. Albeit slowly, but he charged towards the cloning chamber as Zap hurried to get the process going. Just before he pushed the last button, Knock reached Baby Drake and pushed him out of the chamber.

Now, the machine wasn’t made for cloning trees, only Baby Drakes or The Flying Zepberg. Was it unexpected when it exploded? No. Was it unexpected when there were three knocks instead of one after everything settled? Hell yes.

Zap was the first to recover. He summoned his cloud and quickly flew to Baby Drake, grabbing him by the hand and trying to get out before the heroes gathered their wits.

All the while, Baby Drake was screaming:

“I will not stand for this embarrassment! I will have my revenge, beasts! I will come back in a month and we will fight on the Moon! There, I will defeat you!”