MoonWars Characters: Knock

October 2, 2017 - Guides
MoonWars Characters: Knock

While the Earth was mostly modern, with technology ruling the world, there were places where the natural and the mystical were still strong. For eons, Knock, a huge, strong, but kind walking tree, wandered the Earth.

At first, he made his home in what would have been Europe and Africa, but as time passed, he also made his way east and to North America, before the passage disappeared and he was stuck on that side of the world. During his travels, he saw animals change, some disappearing and others rising. He watched how man came to power, slowly overtaking the Earth, before finally finding solace in what would later be known as the Amazon rainforest.

With wandering and adventure over and done with, Knock spend hundreds of years slumbering in peace. Many came upon it and were surprised to see a tree in the middle of a field that obviously wasn’t supposed to be growing there, but they also sensed the tree’s power and dared not to harm it. Some even started worshipping it, but as other gods became more popular, Knockism was forgotten.

One day, after a longer than normal period of slumber, Knock woke up to a pitiful sound in the distance. Some kind of creature was yipping sadly. Knock got up from his restful position and slowly moved towards the sound.

Having reached its destination, Knock saw a small fox kit, abandoned by its mother due to being the runt of the litter, destined to die. At first, Knock wanted to follow the natural law and abandon the fox kit to die, but his kindness won out. He picked up the small creature and brought it to its resting place.

With the help of the animals which still respected him and remembered his power, Knock nursed the kit to health and watched it grow into a magnificent fox. The fox was grateful to Knock for raising it. It decided to stay with Knock and the ancient tree found what it never had—a friend.

For generations, the descendants of the fox and Knock were inseparable. Knock protected them and gave them a respite from the elements, while the foxes gave Knock what the ancient tree never had, companionship.

As time passed, however, foxes started getting chased away from the area. With no mates, Knock’s friends started slowly reducing in number. It took a long time, but eventually, there was only one fox and Knock in their sanctuary, just like when he saved this fox’s ancestor.

This is when Baby Drake’s forces attacked the Amazon. While Knock was powerful, he was also quite slow and not invulnerable. While the fox was bigger than normal foxes due to the mystical power of its protector, it wasn’t strong enough to fight the numerous enemies which attacked them. They were getting overwhelmed when something unexpected happened.

Out of the forest, a weird looking warrior came and helped Knock defeat the enemies. While the fox helped too, it wasn’t as good as the new warrior and Knock. When the battle was over, their savior came up to the pair of friends.

“Hello,” it said. “My name is Luna.”

That is how Knock, his last friend and Luna became partners in their battle against Baby Drake’s forces.