MoonWars Characters: Foxy Luna

September 26, 2017 - Guides
MoonWars Characters: Foxy Luna

After Luna saved Knock and his fox, the three of them teamed up. While Knock was extremely strong and Luna could be called a one-woman army, the fox was considerably less powerful.

Its innate goodness and immense gratitude towards the Amazon hermit for her help made the cute creature look for a way to be useful and repay Luna in the process. Being bigger than normal, the fox decided that it would be most useful if Luna mounted it and moved around faster.

With the new arrangement, Luna and the fox, in other words, Foxie Luna, were able to scout the area around them and discover enemy forces. Then, when Knock caught up to them, the team would lay waste to them. Knock acted as an unstoppable force of nature which could not be ignored on the field of battle, while Foxie Luna darted around the edges of the battle, picking off the enemies until the time to attack in earnest came.

The team spent weeks traveling north like this, taking care of enemy forces along the way. Soon they started meeting others, like an angry snail named Ice and a powerful dragon called CANDY for some reason. With the considerably stronger team, the heroes were able to fight off more and more enemies at the same time.

This arrangement wasn’t without its negatives, however. The leaders of the enemy forces took notice that a huge chunk of their forces disappeared in a couple of areas. Soon, they sent a much bigger platoon of soldiers, intended to track down and wipe out the threat.

Unfortunately for the aliens, they were too late. One day, Foxie Luna, Knock, CANDY, and Ice were demolishing them some aliens when they were discovered by a platoon of Earth’s soldiers. They jumped into the fight and helped the heroes wipe out the remaining enemies. Then, an officer came up to the heroes.

“Howdy, strangers,” he greeted cautiously.

“Oi, I mean, hello,” Luna answered in a Portuguese accent. It wasn’t even a question that she was to be the spokesperson for the heroes. After all, the others were a huge tree, a fox, a snail, and a dragon.

“Where do you come from?”

“I am from Brasil,” Luna answered. “The tree and the fox over there too, Ice and CANDY over there, I not know.”

“You fight against the aliens?” the soldier asked.

Luna just looked at him like an idiot. The soldier blushed.

“Nevermind. Could you come and speak to our General, Beard? He is a great destroyer of aliens too.”

“Sure, why not?”

And the rest, as they say, is history. Luna, Knock and the fox, Ice, CANDY, and Beard became the best of friends immediately, their passion of killing aliens uniting them. With a force of heroes, the Earth’s forces were able to turn the tide and start pushing the aliens out of their planet.