MoonWars Characters: CANDY

September 28, 2017 - Guides
MoonWars Characters: CANDY

Whoever said that dragons loved hoarding treasure above everything else has obviously never met CANDY. The last of his kind, CANDY was a weird little cookie. Where his kin used to ask for gold or maidens to eat, CANDY only wanted to have sweets.

Of course, this meant that the people living around CANDY’s cave weren’t scared of him at all. Before, people used to save gold, almost starving to death to stave off the dragon which lived near their villages. That was the best-case scenario.

The worst-case? They had to send maiden’s clad in gold to the dragon’s cave every year for him to eat or the dragon would come and destroy all villages surrounding his cave.

CANDY was different from the beginning. The people around his cave knew the most about dragons out of all people in the world because CANDY was perfectly happy with getting examined by men of science if they brought him candy. Even small children came to play in his wonderful cave with lollipops in hand. Schools had trips to visit CANDY’s cave and see a dragon.

Unfortunately, dragons weren’t really made for eating candy. As time passed, the friendly dragon became sick. The best doctors and veterinarians from all around the world came to try and help him. No matter how much they tried, they couldn’t find what was wrong with him, until Dr. Hovel, the best diagnostician in the world, came to see CANDY.

It was a long process, but finally, Dr. Hovel determined that CANDY had diabetes. He warned the dragon that he should stop eating so much candy or risk his health becoming even worse, but the dragon was hard to convince and loved sweets far too much.

As years passed, CANDY’s health continued to decline, he even lost the ability to fly, his weight becoming too great for his wings to support. This caused him to become grumpy and a bit less friendly. The dragon was depressed.

One day, CANDY was yearning for candy when sounds of battle interrupted his wallowing in self-pity. He slooowly hobbled out of his cave and looked outside. There, he saw a huge cloud fighting some kind of weird ship. After a blast of lightning from the Cloud, the ship was made to crash-land nearby. A bunch of blue aliens streamed out of it and started attacking the cloud.

CANDY didn’t understand what was happening, but the cloud was more recognizable than the weird blue creatures, so he decided to help out.

He breathed in and prepared to ignite the air in his lungs. Unfortunately, just before he could, he started coughing and only a small puff of smoke came out. Trying again, CANDY breathed in, ignited the air, successfully this time, and breathed out, drowning the blue attackers in flames. He noticed that it was harder than the last time he tried to do it years before, much harder.

With the attackers’ numbers thinned out, the cloud was able to defeat them all in short order. When the battle was over, the cloud came over to CANDY.

“Thank you for helping,” he said. “I am not as powerful as I used to be.”

“Why?” the dragon asked. “These aliens stole a part of my power and I wasn’t able to get it back. Now, I will disappear unless I can find a worthy heir to transfer my essence into.”

“That is so sad. I wish I could help,” CANDY emphatised.

Even though he knew nothing about the dragon he has just met, the cloud was desperate. He decided that he would share his power with the one who helped him.

“Honorable Dragon, I, Nine, the King of the Clouds, wish to name you my heir and transfer my power into you.”

CANDY was surprised but ready for the challenge.

“Ok,” he said.

“Get ready. This will hurt,” Nine warned.

The cloud composed himself and shot a beam of lightning into the dragon. CANDY felt pain like he’s never felt before. He felt electricity affecting his cells one by one, changing them, making them better and stronger.

When the process was over, CANDY shook himself, flapped his wings and rose to the sky. Excited to fly again, he let out a mighty roar and a stream of purple lightning came out of his jaws, easier than ever before, more powerful too.

The invaders were screwed.