MoonWars Characters: Baby Drake Squad

September 14, 2017 - Guides
MoonWars Characters: Baby Drake Squad

After the first successful cloning and the resulting explosion caused by the newly-named Baby Drake Bomber, Zap was in a tight spot.

The Council of Elders pressured him to start mass production as soon as possible but wasn’t inclined to actually give sufficient funding for the operation. Added to that, Baby Drake, the supposed progenitor of the clones, was way too interested in teaching the first clone all he knew about starting explosions instead of helping Zap to make a new batch.

Understandably, the process of re-establishing the operation didn’t go without its own share of stepbacks and kinks to be worked out. It didn’t help that Zap’s notes were destroyed by the fire.

Despite all the problems, Zap managed to eventually rebuild his lab and start the cloning process once again.

With the equipment working to produce a new soldier, both Zap and Baby Drake waited for the results. Only their mood was different. While Baby Drake was excited to meet his new pyromaniac children, Zap was nervous. He didn’t remember the procedure that was used exactly. He was afraid that something would go wrong.

Finally, the process was complete. After the usual flash of light, Zap and Baby Drake saw the result and immediately knew that something was wrong. Instead of one clone, there were four. They had blank expressions on their faces.

With horror mounting on his face, Baby Drake looked at them and said:

“Do you want to learn how to make an explosion?”

The clones looked at their progenitor without a shred of recognition in their eyes.

“Squad,” they said as one.

“What?” Drake asked, annoyed.

“Squad,” they answered as if that word explained everything.

Zap walked up to the clones, looked them over and held up a finger in front of their faces.

“How many fingers am I holding?” he asked.

“Squad,” they answered.

“Pick up that LEGO brick,” he ordered, pointing to red LEGO brick which was in a corner of the lab for some reason.

“Squad,” they chorused and moved out to fulfill the order.

Zap turned to Baby Drake, took in his horrified face and smiled sheepishly.

“At least they can follow orders?”