Mei Guide

June 22, 2016 - Guides
Mei Guide

Despite being a scientist, Mei reminds me of Korra from Avatar, for some reason. Must be the whole blue and white furry outfit. Forgetting about that for a second, though, she’s a very annoying Defensive hero to deal with, so naturally, you should at least have a clue about what she does and how to play her if you encounter a situation where she’s the best pick against the enemy team.

Mei’s weapon is called Endothermic Blaster. It has two modes of fire. The primary channels a concentrated stream of short-ranged frost that slows enemies, using up 20 out of her 200 rounds per second, dealing 2.25 damage per round, without the possibility to headshot. Offtopic, it would be funny if it could headshot and you got a notification that you got brain freeze once she did headshot you. If Mei channels her primary attack for long enough, you will get frozen in place, where the rest of her team will probably kill you.

Mei’s secondary fire mode throws Icicles at you. They can be effective in medium range, though damage is increased when enemies are closer. Each Icicle consumes 25 ammo per shot, with the rate of fire of 1.8 rounds shots per second, dealing 22 – 75 damage. Icicles CAN headshot, however, the brain freeze joke wouldn’t be funny, as it’s not what you should be worrying about with shard of ice in your head. As you can see, Mei is very useful when you need to slow down mobile enemies. Also, keep in mind that her primary attack can’t be deflected by Genji.

When you press Left Shift, Mei will Cry-Freeze herself, surrounding her body with ice. While inside, she ignores damage and heal up. Am I the only one who remembers Syndragosa in Icecrown Citadel when I Cryo-Freeze myself? Anyway, while frozen, Mei can’t move or use abilities, which makes perfect sense. It’s quite hard to do stuff when you’re stuck in a solid block of ice, after all. This ability is great when enemies overwhelm your defense and you start taking heavy damage. It helps you to survive longer. Hopefully, your team can come to help you.

Mei’s E, Ice Wall is without a doubt the biggest cockblock for the enemy team, when placed correctly. Lasting 4.5 seconds, it can obstruct line of sight, block attacks, and stop movement through a choke point. If enemies want to attack through that place, they have to wait, allowing your team to get ready for them or reconsider and find another route to your point. You can also use the wall to split the team, leaving their healers or some other squishies for your flankers to deal with or fighting 3 of them with your full team, killing them all quickly before the wall comes down and the rest of their team trickles in. You can also screw with opponents by putting the wall under them, throwing off their aim. If you do that to Reinhardt just as he’s about to use his Ult, it won’t work because he won’t be able to smash the ground. You can also use it to lift teammates or yourself up into the air to let them reach positions they wouldn’t be able to get to themselves due to limited vertical mobility.

Finally, Mei’s Ult, Blizzard works by modifying weather in a big zone, slowing all enemies caught, dealing 97 damage, and freezing everyone who stays too long . While Mei probably won’t kill all enemies caught inside, that’s not really her job. She’s an annoying CC-providing Hero. For what she’s supposed to do, Blizzard fits very well. Once you crowd control the enemies, it should be the duty of the rest of your team to kill them all.

Grasping what Mei’s abilities do and using them somewhat well isn’t hard, however, to take advantage of her full potential, you will need some cheeky imagination and great timing. Just don’t play her against Pharah because the high-flying Egyptian will just laugh at your Endothermic Blasters primary attack before blasting you to smithereens with her rockets.