Map Guide – King’s Row

July 28, 2016 - Guides
Map Guide – King’s Row

We have guides for all Heroes in Overwatch except Ana, which was covered in detail in another, non-guide article nevertheless. We haven’t talked about which heroes to pick for for specific maps and and roles. To start with, let’s discuss Attack and Defense on King’s Row.


The whole King’s Row map is full of narrow areas and chokes you must push through. What is good at getting your team through a choke point unscathed? Reinhardt. His Barrier can give your team a way to move forward through Mid, up to the choke point and past it. Next, capturing points is done best when you can wipe out the enemy team. What is the best enabler for team wipes? Yes, you got it, Zarya. Hiding behind Reinhardt’s Barrier, she can spam her Alternate attack, shielding the main tank when his Barrier is down too to gain charges.

Next, you need some consistant DPS to burn through the Barrier of the defending Reinhardt. One of the best champions at doing precisely that are Pharah and Junkrat. In fact, you should have a Pharah for a different reason altogether – to make up for height disadvantage against defending DPS. With 1 hero limit, running 2 Pharah is no longer an option, so I would take something like Reaper or the Rat, to burn through shields.

Now, assuming you have a Pharah to actually DPS enemies who are away from the defending Reinhardt’s Barrier, you will need a Mercy to babysit it in the air with damage boosts and healing. Still, the problem of the rest of the team not having a Support remains. Take a Lucio to heal them all at the same time and boost the attacking ground troops’ (Reinhardt, Zarya, Junkrat/Reaper) movement speed. Once your ultimates are ready, Reinhardt should Charge a squishy once the opportunity presents itself, while Lucio speed boosts the rest. Then, Reinhardt should knock down the defenders with his Earth Shatter, followed up by Zarya’s Graviton Surge into Pharah’s Barrage. If you can do that successfully, the defenders should be wiped out. Especially if Junkrat/Reaper follows up with their own Ult.

After that, a Payload will appear. You will have to escort it through the streets. Seeing as the whole map is narrow, splash damage is king, so you should still keep your Pharah/Mercy duo, unless you see that your enemies are effectively countering it. If they are, go for a hitscan DPS like McCree or Soldier: 76. Those two are very good in long and narrow spaces because your Ults will be able to catch many people from the cover, provided by your Main Tank.

Mobile engage or a way to make picks to capitalize on enemy’s mistakes would be very useful, so I would consider switching out Zarya for Winston or Roadhog, D.Va might also be great. She can reposition herself, burn through enemy Reinhardt’s Barrier and provide some measure of protection when your own Reinhardt’s Barrier is brought down.

Once you reach checkpoint, I would consider getting someone to play Genji because the defensive team might elect to switch one of their Heroes to Bastion. Also, there might be Widowmakers or similar nonsense at Heaven or Perch, so keeping the Winston to take care of it might be a good idea. If the opponents don’t seem to have one of those, you can get Zarya once again for that team wipe potential, especially if you have a Genji and Pharah, for example. From this point on, it can be quite hard to push through the choke points if your enemies use snipers and Bastion to create a crossfire situation just before the last bend in Mid. If they don’t, however, you should be able to do it reasonably quick without too much trouble if you play together and actually use strategy without letting the match become an aim battle.


Starting with the Defense of the first Point, you will probably need two tanks, two Supports, and two DPS once again. First of all, there’s an easily defensible route to flank you called hotel. You should stick a Junkrat there to spam grenades while also closing off flank routes with his traps. If possible, he should also help you burn down enemy Reinhardt’s Barrier back at mid.

To hold the line at choke, you should also have a Reinhardt, using his Barrier to block the street through the right side of Statue. Behind him, just waiting for enemy Reinhardt’s Barrier to break, should be a Roadhog because when it does break, it will be easy to get a hook to hit someone in the narrow choke. Keeping Reinhardt, Roadhog, and Junkrat alive, should be Lucio due to his ability to heal multiple allies at the same time, while his speed boost lets your team retreat when needed or surge forward when your DPS manage to get a pick.

Finally, the last two spots on your team should be taken up by a Soldier:76/McCree and Mercy, taking position on the high ground around the Clock Tower. The role of these hitscan DPS should be to provide as much DPS as possible, no matter the target, while also watching for flanks through alleyway. Mercy is their pocket healer and damage booster, who should more or less stay out of sight of enemies and watch out for flankers to warn McCree or soldier that he needs to switch focus. If your enemies have a Pharah, she WILL be trying to kill you. You should continuously peek from cover and shoot her with damage booster hitscan bullets. Your champion is one of the best vs. Pharah.

My problem with King’s Row Objective A Defense is that the attackers will inevitably take it unless they don’t have a clue what they’re doing, once their ults are charged up. Ana’s sleeping dart could actually help with that. If Junkrat was moved from defending hotel full time to keeping an eye on it a little bit and using his time to bring down enemy Reinhardt’s Barrier, the Roadhog could be switched to Ana. It could interrupt the enemy combo, hitting the ulting Pharah with a Sleeping Dart and hopefully healing up her own team with her E. I don’t know whether it’s worth it, however.

Assuming that attackers took Objective A, you will have to fight through the streets now. Soldier:76/McCree is still good, Reinhardt is more or less mandatory, Roadhog is still great in the narrow streets, Junkrat can spam a narrow area with grenades while also protecting the flanks with his traps, Lucio and Mercy are the staples, they are always good. You should just try and stop the enemy advance as much as possible, winning time for the final part of the map, where you will stand the most chance of winning if properly set up.

Okay, once the attackers reach the checkpoint, you should get a Bastion and put it in a place where it could create a cross fire with another hitscan DPS, sitting at Heaven. Your Reinhardt should still be there. Mercy and Lucio are good once again, while Junkrat could watch and protect Bastion from flanks. Make sure that your Bastion is protected by Reinhardt’s Barrier, even if it’s far away. You know, a very cheeky thing to do would be to get an Ana to Ult Bastion when you’re ready to attack and to roosterblock the enemy’s engage. Three Supports might be too much, however, something like a Zarya or Roadhog might be better. If Lucio can reach both the hitscan and Reinhardt and Zarya/Roadhog, feel free to send your Mercy to boost Bastion’s damage while healing him and Junkrat. If not, tell it to pocket heal Soldier. With proper coordination, you should be able to create a situation where enemies will find it very hard to break through your defenses and deliver the payload. Good luck!