Lucio Guide – Overwatch

June 8, 2016 - Guides
Lucio Guide – Overwatch

In Overwatch, at least one of the six players on a team has to play support or risk giving the enemies an immense advantage if they do have a support. The problem is that for most players, Overwatch is nowhere near  the first game they played, that had supports. And playing support sucks most of the time, unless you’re a masochist. This is NOT the case in Overwatch.

The best support in the game right now is Lucio, with Mercy a close second. Depending on the map, it’s extremely common to see Lucio and Mercy teaming up to help the team win, however it’s also possible to see 2 Lucio or 2 Mercy too, depending on what the team needs at that moment.

The greatest strength Lucio has above Mercy is his speed boost, gained when his “Left Shift” ability Crossfade is set to green. When it’s set green, everyone around Lucio gain a movement speed boost that can be improved further by Amp It Up, Lucio’s “E”, which increases the effect of his songs, set by “Left Shift”. Lucio’s movement speed buff is balanced by Mercy’s ability to buff up the damage teammates deal by holding “Right Mouse Button” while targeting them and her Resurrect ultimate, which brings back all teammates who have died recently, potentially turning the fight completely around.

The second part of Lucio’s “Left Shift” ability slowly heals all teammates in range. The heal per second is lower than Mercy’s, however, it can affect numerous enemies at the same time, while Mercy can only heal one target at the time. The healing, yellow, portion of Lucio’s “Left Shift” can also be boosted by Amp It Up. Depending on whether you have a Mercy on your team, the ration between healing and increasing movement speed changes.

If you find your teammates getting low, even with a Mercy, by all means, help out by switching Crossfade to yellow, but mostly, Lucio is used for movement speed, as it helps your teammates to reach where they have to be faster, while also making them harder to hit. Lucio is essential for taking positions on the map too. His green Amped Up Crossfade can help your team to storm a position quickly.

If you find your teammates getting targeted by some dangerous ults or just taking too much damage and potentially losing the fight, you can press “Q” when it’s charged, to activate your Sound Barrier ability, which provides Lucio and his allies with personal shields for a brief period of time. This ult is great when storming an area with speed boost, while defending against the superior fire power of your enemies, or trying to save teammates from various ggwp ultimates.

Different from Mercy, Lucio doesn’t have to switch weapon in order to shoot people. He can use his Sonic Amplifier to hit enemies with sonic projectiles, which are fired in bursts and travel quite slowly, or hold “Right Mouse Button” to charge the sound energy up, knocking back any enemies hit. This is especially good on maps where you can actually knock your opponents off the map. Quite often, people pick two Lucio on these maps.

Lucio is good on defense and offense. Most non-support characters can 1v1 him without too much trouble, so you should remember that you’re a support and NOT go too ham. This doesn’t mean that you can’t kill some people, however. Lucio’s damage is decent. The problem is that his projectiles travel quite slowly, so they are hard to hit. With practice, everything is possible, however.