LoL Guides: So, You Got Autofilled As Support. What now?

December 27, 2016 - Guides
LoL Guides: So, You Got Autofilled As Support. What now?

With the reintroduction of solo queue, more and more often, players are made to play Support by the autofill function. With the smaller number of Support mains found in almost all ranks, it’s totally understandable. Still, players often have to play a role they don’t know how to play and think to be impossible to carry with, causing them to troll and almost assuredly lose the game. Well, if getting autofilled as Support is GG in your eyes, you might as well take the opportunity to start learning a new role with nothing at stake, causing yourself to become more comfortable with the role and winning more games in the future.

The two biggest mistakes players make when autofilled to play Support is picking mechanically difficult Support champions like Thresh, Bard or Blitzcrank (okay, Blitz isn’t really difficult, however, his kit relies on hitting the grab, which can be hard unless you’re experienced at actually landing it. If you don’t play Support, you’re not experienced) and picking AP Mid Laners like Lux or Vel’koz to Support with, thinking that you will be able to carry if you can do more damage. Unless you are a Mid main who plays a lot of Lux or Vel’koz, that is a mistake. In fact, if you want to preserve your win rate, you should find a mechanically easy Support champion that can allow you to have a lot of impact in the game. We strongly recommend Janna.

It takes a special kind of person to actually enjoy playing Janna, however, it doesn’t mean that the champion isn’t extremely effective. With a great shield, a slow, a knockup and an Ultimate that knocks enemies the hell away and heals anyone who stands in its radius, this champion is a mechanically easy champion, which should allow you to just focus on playing the lane correctly instead of having to worry about pulling off what you need to do.

What DO you need to do as Janna? Her biggest strength is negating damage on the Carry by shielding them, helping them kite enemies and negating enemy engage attempts with Ultimate and her Q, Howling Gale. In lane, you should try to shield your carry when he’s about to get poked and use the tornado to interrupt enemy gap closers like Alistar’s W, Leona’s E, Vi’s Q, Lee Sin’s Q, Tristana and Zac’s Jumps, you get the picture. Don’t make the biggest mistake seen in beginner Janna players—don’t spam your Q needlessly. It drains your mana and provides opportunities for the enemies to engage on your puny AD Carry.

Hopefully, you’ve decided to pick up Janna for those times you get autofilled as Support. The first thing you should take care of are Runes and Masteries, followed by remembering what you should max and also which items you should buy. If you’re like most people and have an AP page with Magic Penetration marks, Armor seals, Magic Resist glyphs and Ability Power Quintessences, you’re more or less okay in terms of Runes. If you want to make a dedicated Janna page, you might want Precision marks, Health seals, Ability Power glyphs and Armor Quintessences. Of course, Precision marks can be switched for Magic Penetration if you haven’t invested in those. With this seal/quint setup, you not only get more armor than you would normally, but extra health as well, at the cost of Magic resist and three Ability Power. With most damage in the bottom lane coming from AD sources, it’s okay to sacrifice MR in most lanes.

The masteries are quite straightforward as well—0/18/12. Wanderer, Secret Stash, Meditation, Bandit, Intelligence and Windspeaker’s Blessing in Cunning and Recovery, Explorer, Runic Armor, Insight in Resolve.

Next to your Ultimate, Monsoon, you should take and max your shield, Eye of the Storm level 1. At level 2, take Howling Gale to stop any kind of all in shenanigans and Zephyr at level 3. When your E is maxed out, level Zephyr second, as the Howling Gale is used more or less for the knockup only.

If you want to be an ultra passive support and the enemy laners aren’t likely to poke a lot, while your team might benefit from the speed boost from Talisman of Ascension, you can start with Ancient Coin, three pots and a Warding Totem, however, in most situations, starting with Spellthief’s Edge, pots and Totem will prove to be more beneficial, as the extra AP will make your shield stronger and give a little bit more AD to your AD Carry. After getting Frostfang and boots, rush a Sighstone and Sweeper’s Lens, unless camped by the enemies, in which case Sighstone gains priority over the Support item. The first big item you should Rush is probably Redemption, followed by Ardent Censor and Locket of the Iron Solari and Mikael’s Crucible. Also, upgrade your Sighstone and Frostfang into Eye of the Watchers when the teams start grouping. And for God’s sake, ward! If you can do it safely, remember, the deeper the ward, the better.