LoL Guides: Mid Lane Itemization Part 1 – Mages

January 2, 2017 - Guides
LoL Guides: Mid Lane Itemization Part 1 – Mages

The Mid Lane is one of the most impactful and sought-after roles in the game, and for good reason. Next to the Jungle, Mid is the next most likely role to take over the game and carry due to it’s central position on the map. If a Mid Laner can get ahead and use his advantage properly, he can endlessly push out his wave and roam either Top or Bot to help these lanes too, making it very hard for the enemy to win the game.

This is where problems start. You could be Faker’s little brother, getting fed out of your mind, but if you spend the gold you get like a bonobo, it will mean nothing. In this series, we will look over how Mid Laners generally build their champions to have the most impact at all stages of the game, starting with Mages.

Early Game

Obviously, as a Mid Lane Mage, you should start with a Doran’s Ring and a couple of Health Potions in most situations. This items gives you much needed AP, some Health and some much important Mana Regeneration. In fact, the Doran’s Ring is so important, that many high ELO Mage players actually get a second Doran’s Ring after their first back. This is due to the way Mages trade in lane. While AD Carries can trade with auto attacks and do damage, Mids can’t, at least not really. Mages need to spend mana for abilities, more than one at a time to combo and do more damage quite often. Unless your Jungler is kind enough to give you Blue Sentinel, you can run out of mana very quickly, unless you’re careful.

This is why the first item Mages get in most circumstances is Morellonomicon. This item gives you everything you need in the early game, to be honest. A lot of AP, Mana, loads of Cooldown Reduction, and Mana Regen on kills and Assists. When building it, pros seem to prefer Lost Chapter first, followed by Fiendish Codex, Sorcerer’s Shoes or Ionian Boots of Lucidity and finally Morellos itself. While the 10% Cooldown Reduction from Codex would be nice, you would just go OOM faster without the extra mana from Chapter. The pool of Mana with the Mana Regen from two Doran’s Rings should keep you healthy mana-wise, unless you spam abilities whenever they’re up.

Mid Game

Okay, you have Morellonomicon and Tier 2 boots, either Sorc Shoes or Lucidity. What now? Let’s see, how do mages play? They use their spells and wait for cooldowns to come back up. What do we need when we have some Cooldown Reduction to make the spell come up faster? Pure damage to make them hit harder. While some people would think that this means that you should get a Rabaddon’s Deathcap, that’s not really the case. You see, Dcap works best as a force multiplier. You have to have a lot of AP already to make full use of the cap.

What is the next big AP item which can give you a good boost in burst? Luden’s Echo. It not only gives you a burst of damage similar to Statikk Shiv for AD Carries, but it also has 10% Movement Speed. When buying Luden’s, you should obviously get a Needlessly Large Rod if you can. If you can’t, however, Aether Wisp should do fine too. At this point, you should also make sure you switched out your Warding Totem for Farsight Alteration.

Before going down the build path, note that if the enemies have a lot of Magic damage or you just get behind in lane against an AP opponent, Abyssal Scepter is a very good buy as well, we would seriously consider that before

What should you get after Luden’s is complete? Some Magic Penetration. Obviously, Void Staff is the kind of Magic Pen, work on that, make sure you get Blasting Wand first, if you have enough Gold.

Late Game

At this point in the game, you should finally get that Rabaddon’s Deathcap to do TONS OF DAMAGE. Obviously, prioritize Needlessly Large Rod. After that, you have several options to choose from. While many people would say that the best last item is Zhonya’s Hourglass, some would propose that if you position yourself well as a Mage, you should be able to stay safe. All of this comes down to your reflexes and game sense. The items you should be considering are Lichbane if you have low-ish cooldowns and can get off some auto-attacks in between your spells to trigger it, Zhonya’s, obviously, Abyssal Scepter, if you don’t have it yet, or Mejai’s Soulstealer, though if you were to get this item, you would be better off getting it much earlier.