League of Legends Preseason Changes Part 6: Non-Assassin Champions

November 11, 2016 - Guides
League of Legends Preseason Changes Part 6: Non-Assassin Champions

With the Assassin rework targeting… assassins, it would be naive to expect the rest of League of Legends champions to remain untouched. Here, we will talk about the changes experienced by the rest of the League of Legends champion pool.


The cow has been one of the better Supports for a long time now; however, it had several problems. While his W + Q combo and its various iterations were always strong, they left Alistar with most of his utility gone, left spamming E for miniscule heals or popping Ult, which… made him take way less damage, and blocking enemy skillshots. That does not an engaging support make.

Riot Games decided to try and touch up Alistar by reworking it. Now, it’s Passive, Triumphant Roar will give him stacks of Triumph when applying hard CC to enemy champions and when nearby units die. Once he reaches 7 stacks, Alistar will heal himself for 13 (+7 per level), and twice that to the nearest allied champion. Once the Passive procs, he won’t be able to gain any more for 3 seconds, though it will go off again if an enemy champion or an epic monster dies nearby.

The only change to Alistar’s Q, Pulverize, was to remove the 0.5 second stun after the ability’s knockup ends. His W remained unchanged, and his heal, E, was replaced by a completely new ability, called Trample. When you activate it, Alistar tramples the ground, dealing damage to enemies every 0.5 seconds. When a Trample pulse hits an enemy champion, Alistar gains a Trample stack and can ignore unit collision to chase after enemies. Once he reaches 5 stacks, his next basic attack against a champion deals extra damage and stuns the target for 1 second. With the Passive taking care of healing, E provides Alistar with something active to do once W and Q are down, which will also do some damage. To compensate for the increased damage, Alistar’s Ult will no longer increase his attack damage.


With the stealth change, which introduced two different stealth mechanics, Camouflage (Evelynn) and Invisibility (invisible, only revealed by turrets), Twitch needed to be changed due to his Q. How did Riot deal with it? By making Twitch use Camouflage when he pops Q. Now, you will be able to see Twitch when he is close, allowing you to prepare your buttocks or go aggressive and catch him out. To compensate for the slight nerf, the ability will last longer, though his out of combat movement speed will be 10% instead of 20%, though that will go up to 30% when near an enemy that can’t see him.

Twitch’s W, Venom Cask, also got tweaked. Now, the Poison cloud will last 3 seconds, enemies hit by the ability will only gain 1 Venom stack, however, they will stack at the rate of 1 per second. Finally, Riot Games gave up on anyone calling the champion’s Ult Rat-Ta-Tat-Tat, so they are just calling it Spray and Pray, just like everyone else.


The newest champion on the Rift, Ivern turned out to be a little bit overwhelming, so Riot is buffing him a little to compensate. Groot’s Q, Rootcaller is getting a reduced cooldown, especially at lower levels. He will also be able to reactivate Rootcaller to take the dash portion of the ability in addition to issuing a basic attack. Also, his Ult, Daisy!’s health is getting buffed by 500 and 250 at 2nd and third level respectively, while also making it a bit smarter.


While Riot is happy with Kled’s power level, they decided to make his remount time a bit faster, while also nerfing the damage of the 4th shot of his W, Violent Tendencies. It shouldn’t change much, to be honest.