Junkrat Guide

June 13, 2016 - Guides
Junkrat Guide

Have you ever been barraged to death by Junkrat’s grenades or had a weird spiky tire thing come at you and explode killing you? Or maybe you were launched off the map by a mine? Immobilized by another mine? Killed the damn Junkrat, only to die a second later, because the menace kills people even when he’s dead? If any of  that rings true, you might want to consider learning to play Junkrat yourself.

Due to his kit, Junkrat is a high-damage defensive hero, who can also work on offense in certain situations. His weapon is called Frag Launcher. It can lob 5 grenades before you have to reload. If you straight up hit an enemy, the grenade will deal 120 damage. Seeing as Junkrat’s bombs travel very slowly and are quite hard to aim properly, it’s a good thing that they also explode after three bounces off the ground, dealing the same damage in a radius. This is why Junkrat is great on defense. When you know where your enemies are coming from, you can prepare the area and start spamming bombs from out of sight. In a perfect situation, you would even have the high ground. Just be careful about spamming grenades near you, because they will do damage to you too, if they explode while you’re in range.

Junkrat’s Left Shift ability is very useful. When you press the key, he will drop a Concussion Mine on the ground or any other surface, where it will stick and stay. When you activate it, the mine will deal 120 damage to any enemies nearby and knock them back on an 8 second cooldown. Extra points if they get knocked off the map, dying in the process. If you are in range, it will propel you in a certain direction too, based on where you are in relation to the mine. This can actually be used to travel around the map, reaching places you wouldn’t get to otherwise. Note that enemies can destroy the mine if they see it.

Junkrat’s E ability places a Steel Trap, that immobilizes any enemy who triggers it and deals 80 damage on a 10s cooldown. While Junkrat’s traps are easy to see for friendly players, they will be slightly hidden from enemies. Once triggered, enemies will be immobile for a second, which usually means certain death in Overwatch.

Your Passive is called Total Mayhem. When you die, you will drop five grenades, which will explode after a certain time, dealing damage to any enemy who’s in range. The maximum damage to be done by the explosion is 300.

Your Ultimate is Junkrat’s most recognizable skill. Once it’s charged, you can press Q to  start controlling a remote exploding… tire. It can scale walls just like Hanzo and Genji, and explodes for 600 damage once you click either of your mouse buttons. Once activated, you will be able to control it for 10 seconds.

Junkrat’s kit is overloaded with defensive options. He excels and holding choke points with his Mine, Trap, and bouncing grenades of death. He is not a very easy character to play well, because it’s hard to aim the grenades and the use of traps requires some strategic thought to take full advantage of them. Once you DO get good at playing Junkrat, however, people will hate you. As all gamers know, there’s no better feeling than that.