How To Deal With Bastion?

June 9, 2016 - Guides
How To Deal With Bastion?

The Turret of Doom dominates Play of the Game among new players, making them think, that Bastion is overpowered. It’s not. When you know how to properly deal with it. Against players who know what and how to play against it, this hero becomes a situational and mediocre pick at best.

Going over Bastion’s counters one by one, let’s start with the best – Genji. Bastion has trouble with mobile flankers who attack him from behind. Genji is one of those, as he can scale walls while also having a dash. As Genji, you have two main ways to kill a Bastion. You can go around it and kill him from behind or use your sword’s deflect to turn Bastion’s bullets against him, making it kill himself. Whatever you choose, just remember that if you shoot the blue light when he’s in tower form, it counts as a headshot.

Another hero that exploits Bastion’s weakness to getting surprised is Tracer. You can deal with the robot in several ways while playing Tracer. One option is using your mobility to be sneaky sneaky, finding your way behind Bastion, killing him. If your Ultimate is up, Tracer has an even easier time. You could also dash around, attracting Bastion’s attention from the front, giving your team an opportunity to kill the Turret of Doom. This is way more dangerous than flanking, however.

More or less the same can be done with Reaper too. You want to teleport somewhere out of his sight, but close enough to shoot, and then let loose with his Hellfire Shotguns. If he turns to you, assume the ghost form and make him turn around in circles, finishing him off when it wears off or getting away.

If McCree can safely get behind the Robot, he can just drop a Flashbang and kill it with Fann the Hammer. Symmetra’s alternate attack is very accurate, does decent damage, and goes through shields, so it’s a very good idea to get Symmetra to deal with a Bastion that’s being protected by a Reinhardt or Winston Shield.

Another good hero to play against Bastion is Pharah. To deal with him using this high-flying rocket-wielding Egyptian, you will have to be adept at peeking from behind cover and letting loose rockets, swiftly getting to a safe place once again. In turret form, Bastion is the definition of immobile, meaning that actually hitting him with rockets will be laughably easy. This is even simpler when you can hide behind a Reinhardt or Winston shield while doing it.

Another great way to do with the mech is by sniping him from a safe place with a sniper. Both Hanzo and Widowmaker can work, though Widowmaker is easier because it’s easier to hit targets with her, as you don’t have to adjust for gravity that affects your arrow. Your plan should be the same as with Pharah. Stand in a safe place, charge your shot, peek out, shoot, get behind cover once again. A couple of good shots at most should take care of it.

If you don’t like playing snipers or flankers, Mei’s Ice Wall can be useful to allow your team safe passage, while Junkrat spams bombs from behind cover. If Junkrat finds the correct angle, Bastion will have two options: run or die.

Another decent option is Roadhog. You can hook Bastion out of the Turret mode and kill him, however, you might take a lot of damage when approaching, if he recognizes the threat. Zarya can also be used to shield herself and teammates in order to boost her Particle Cannon’s power and then lobbing explosive charges at Bastion, similar to Junkrat.

As you probably noticed, Bastion is definitely NOT overpowered. The only times he might feel like it is when enemies run at him in a single line, with no strategy or logic. Hopefully, you will have some clue about the best ways to deal with an opposing Bastion after reading this article.