Guide: AP Ziggs in the Bot Lane

January 5, 2017 - Guides
Guide: AP Ziggs in the Bot Lane

In high ELO, a new AD Carry has appeared. First introduced by Danny “Shiphtur” Le, the former Mid Laner for Apex Gaming of NA LCS after he started playing it in high ELO solo queue, AP Ziggs is turning out to be just as good if not better than the traditional champions in the Marksman role. Obviously, If something works in Master and Challenger, it should work even better in lower ELOs, provided that the player playing the champion can actually pull it off. To help you with playing it, here’s a short guide on AP Ziggs in the Bottom Lane.

How and Why It Works?

To figure out why AP Ziggs works in the Bot Lane at the moment, we first have to look at what is the AD Carry responsible for in the game. First of all, the Marksman is the champion who’s supposed to kill Turrets and other structures. For that, Ziggs has his Passive, which increases damage to structures a lot. The champion’s whole identity is built around sieging or defending turrets. Second, the AD Carry is supposed to provide high consistent DPS from range. This is where Ziggs falls behind a little bit when compared to a champion like Caitlyn. You see, it’s worse at killing tanks, which are very popular in today’s meta. Making up for it, the long range poke, movement ability, slow, high-damage ult and the tower-killing Passive make up for it. Yes, your late game will be worse if you have a Bot Ziggs instead of a traditional AD Carry, however, it’s likely that the game won’t even reach that point because of its vastly stronger early and mid game.

Runes & Masteries

For Runes and Masteries, let’s look at what the AD Carry of Longzhu Gaming, Kim “PraY”Jong-in, is running when playing AP Ziggs in the Bottom Lane.

For Masteries, he is using a 12/18/0 page with 5 points in Sorcery, 1 in Feast, 1 in Vampirism, 4 in Natural Talent, and 1 in Double Edged Sword in Ferocity and 5 points in Savagery, 1 in Secret Stash, 1 in Merciless, 4 in Meditation, 1 in Dangerous Game, 5 in Precision and, finally, the Thunderlord’s Decree Keystone Mastery.

His Runes are Magic Penetration Marks, Scaling Health Seals, 6 Scaling Cooldown Reduction and 3 Scaling Ability Power Glyphs, and finally 3 Ability Power Quints. Of course, if you don’t have the ability to use a page like this, you might be able to substitute with Armor Seals and Magic Resist Glyphs or something similar.

The Skill Leveling

Obviously, you should put points into your Ultimate, Mega Inferno Bomb, on Levels 6, 11, and 16.

The first ability to be taken and leveled to 5 should be Bouncing Bomb (Q). After that, the order you take your abilities at levels 2 and 3 depends on the lane you’re facing. If your opponent is likely to gap close on you to engage, Satchel Charge (W) should be taken on level 2 to get away. If your enemy laners don’t have such abilities (think Nami, Sona, Soraka, Janna, Brand, Zyra and so on), you should take Hexplosive Minefield (E). On level 3, take the ability you didn’t take on level 2. After that, you should max Q first and E second, taking points in Ultimate whenever you’re able.

Item Build

Obviously, you’re going to start the game with a Doran’s Ring, two Health Potions (turned into Biscuits by the Secret Stash Mastery) and a Warding Totem. The first item you’re going to be rushing is Morellonomicon, prioritizing Lost Chapter over Fiendish Codex due to the fact that it gives you the mana you need to harass your lane opponents. After that, you should get to work finishing the whole item, getting Boots of Speed whenever you can. After Morellonomicon is complete, upgrade your Boots of Speed into Sorcerer’s Shoes and start working on Lichbane, obviously prioritizing Sheen above all else. This item is simply great for killing Towers. With the proc after using an ability and your Passive, you will be able to kill Towers in seconds once you have some AP.

Up next, you should try and improve your burst damage with Luden’s Echo. Obviously, prioritize getting a Needlessly Large Rod if you can. After that, You should work on a Void Staff, unless the situation in the game requires you to go for something else, like Zhonya’s Hourglass or Abyssal Scepter. The final item you go for should probably be Rabadon’s Deathcap, though Zhonya’s Hourglass is a great, if less aggressive, option if the enemy team is focusing you.

Final Thoughts

Bot Lane AP Ziggs is a very strong option if you don’t want to have to wait until you get three items on a champion like Caitlyn before you start doing damage. The range of Ziggs’ Bouncing Bomb makes it a great poke and safe farming tool, you have a short range displacement effect for yourself and enemies, together with a slow, similar to Miss Fortune’s E. If you are an AD Carry main, this champion will take some getting used to before you can play comfortably, however, it’s worth it to at least try it out in a a couple of normal games. Remember, you are a crazy yordle. The enemies are yours to cull. Get going.