Galio, Urgot, Evelynn in Line for Rework

February 3, 2017 - Guides
Galio, Urgot, Evelynn in Line for Rework

With a roster of 134 champions at the time of writing, released over a timeframe approaching a decade, it’s understandable that some League of Legends champions are outdated, not fitting in the modern League of Legends we all know and love. To fix the issue, Riot Games occasionally endeavor to fix them, update them to get them in line with the times. The most recent rework for Warwick has been a booming success by most accounts and the next in line are supposed to be Galio, Urgot, and Evelynn, in that order.

Released on August 10, 2010, Galio currently has a mind-boggling 57% win rate, even though it’s actually picked only 0.85% percent of the time in the mid lane. The champion excels at dealing with AP champions and assassins due to its magic resist encouraging abilities and CC that let’s you stop assassin’s in their tracks easily. Despite the champions current success, its kit is extremely update when compared to the current ideas about champion design. A rework to bring Galio to the current meta is sorely needed.

Urgot, released on August 24, 2010, is widely considered as one of the worst champions in the game. Despite being classed as Marksman, he has been played more in the mid and top lanes in recent times, when teams could take advantage of his great poke and the displacement Ult to get a pick and start an advantageous team fight. At the time of writing, Urgot has a 50.75% win rate, being played in 0.44% of all games. Much more underwhelming than Galio, Urgot is more or less a coin flip at the moment. His abilities need to be tweaked to bring him to the modern times as well.

Evelynn… Released in May 1st, 2009, Evelnn has been a huge headache ever since. Even though her win rate of 49.54% in Platinum+ games with a play rate of 3.16% and ban rate of 1.51% is underwhelming, she has been picked in the LCS recently. At various points in her long history, Evelynn has been built in various ways, as full AP, AD, Hybrid, or Bruiser. She is one of those rare champions which can use almost any item, depending on the game. At the moment, she is not particularly strong in terms of damage, but she is one of the most impactful champions in the game despite that. Rarely do you find a champion which makes the enemy team change how they play the game or risk getting fucked, but that is a power Evelynn certainly has. Due to her invisibility, she forces players to play as if she was always there, making the enemy team be extra passive, which often leads to getting behind. Unless she can snowball, however, Evelynn is more or less useless, not having any CC to speak of.

All three of the champions in line for a rework definitely need one, one has been asked for years now. It’s great to know that Riot Games are on the case.