Educational Subscription Websites – Are They Worth It If You Want To Improve?

April 27, 2017 - Guides
Educational Subscription Websites – Are They Worth It If You Want To Improve?

There are two broad categories of gamers. Those who dick around, just trying to have fun and those who take their chosen game more seriously, trying to improve as much as possible. There’s a line of products available to those who take the game more seriously, including a slew of subscription based educational websites, which provide articles and video content geared towards getting their clients as good at the game as possible in the shortest amount of time. But are they really worth it? This is what we’re going to try and answer in this article.

First, we have to outline what these subscription websites do. Usually, they employ high-level players, even professionals in some cases, to make or at least collaborate on content which is supposed to go more in depth than usual on various subjects deemed critical to your development as a player. It could be advanced and basic tips and tricks, champion specific advice, guides on how to play specific maps, or in depth explanations of advanced game concepts.

These websites aren’t the only way to get better, however. There are three other free ways. First, you can just play the game a lot, grinding for hours, watching your replays and trying to find your mistakes. Next, you could also watch free educational YouTube videos. While they probably won’t be as aesthetically pleasing as the content on subscription websites unless you find a very successful YouTuber who can afford to hire a full production staff, the information itself is often just as good as something you can find on paid websites, provided you find and sift through enough YouTubers to find the people who REALLY know what they’re talking about. Finally, you could just spend a lot of time watching live streams of the best players of your role. If the particular streamer tends to explain what he’s doing and why as well, that’s even better.

Basically, the difference between subscription websites and free means is that you get what you pay for in one place. To get the same value for free, it will probably take you much more effort sifting through countless YouTubers and Twitch streamers, trying to find the ones who are worth your time, while the successful subscription websites tend to have a roster of worthy content creators as part of their business model. No matter which way you go, you have to keep in mind that no matter how many videos you watch, free or otherwise, you will still have to play the game enough in the right way to get the benefit from the extra knowledge.

In conclusion, buying a membership in a good subscription website might possibly trim down on the time you spend watching videos because it will allow you to access the information you need in one place, however, it’s not a magic solution, as you will still need to put in the time in game to implement what you learnt. It should, theoretically, leave you with more time to actually play the game, making your improvement faster. It is nowhere near close to mandatory, however. In the age of the Internet, information is freely available for those determined enough to find hidden gems. You can definitely achieve the same results without spending a dime, it will just take longer, so the decision basically lies with which you value more: money or your time.