D.Va Guide

June 23, 2016 - Guides
D.Va Guide

D.Va is one of those Heroes who just can’t be real, even though every gamer in the world prays to the Blizzard gods old and new that she would be. D.Va is supposed to be a former professional gamer, who uses her skills from her former life to pilot a badass mech. Obviously, it’s a dream come true for every gamer.

Despite being classified as a Tank, D.Va isn’t one, really, at least if the team comp needs someone to protect the payload or soak up damage, leading a frontal assault. In that way, she’s more similar to Roadhog than Reinhardt, Winston, or Zar-YAH. You shouldn’t pick her when the team doesn’t have a proper main Tank yet. What D.Va does and does well is diving the enemy backline as if she was Reaper. Using her mobility and great close range damage, she ambushes the enemy team from unusual angles, killing everyone.

As a mech pilot, D.Va has two different… forms. When she’s in her Mech Suit she’s a tanky damage-dealing beast. When the Mech gets destroyed, however, she only has her Light Gun to fall back on, until her Call Mech Ultimate gets charged, while being very vulnerable (she has 150 health out of her mech), as a true gamer should be. Light Gun has 20 ammo, shooting 6.66 rounds per seccond, dealing 14 damage each. It works similarly to Mercy’s Caduceus Blaster.

In her Mech Suit, D.Va uses Fusion Cannons to blow up her opponenets. She can fire 7 rounds of 8 pellets per second, dealing from 0,5 to 3 damage depending on the range between D.Va and her opponent. While Fusion Cannons can headshot, it’s hard to hit with all pellets.  As you might have gathered, Fusion Cannons aren’t really elegant weapons. You just get in an enemy’s face and blast him from short range.

D.Va’s Left Shift is called Boosters. No, you don’t get Magic: the Gathering cards. Instead, your Mech launches into the air, going forward. You can control where you go. If you catch enemies and barrel through them, this ability will deal 25 damage and knock them back. Boosters last 2 seconds against a cooldown of 5 seconds. While you can use this ability engage a fight once you’re behind enemy lines already, it can also be used to reach some unusual places from which to catch enemies with their pants down. As I pointed out already, D.Va isn’t a traditional tank that stays with the team, pushing the Payload. Instead, she spreads chaos in the enemy backline by attacking from behind.

Defense Matrix is D.Va’s E. Once activated, she projects a targeting array in front of her. For 3 seconds on a 10 second cooldown, it shoots incoming projectiles out of the air. It works against most Ultimates, like Pharah’s Barrage, McCree’s Deadeye, Roadhog’s Whole Hog, or Reaper’s Death Blossom.

When you are in your Mech Suit, your Q is used to make your Suit to Self-Destruct. D.Va will eject out. Following 4 seconds of charging time, the Suit will explode for 1000 damage, killing everyone caught in the blast, including D.Va herself if she doesn’t run away. Once on foot, you will be able to call a new mech if your Ult is charged. A good trick to use with this is to start Boosters and use Self-Destruct, leaving it in the middle of the enemy team, making them scatter chaotically or die if they don’t.

D.Va is a very fun champion if you want to play like a Reaper without being squishy, after all, she does have 100 health and 400 armor when in her Mech Suit, plus 150 health after she ejects, which adds up to 650 health. The highest health pool in the game technically belongs to Roadhog (600 health), but D.Va has more. Despite that, NEVER play her if you’re the only Tank on the team. She’s not made for what main Tanks are supposed to do. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot before the game even started. Also, be vary of Zar-YAH or Mei on the enemy team, as your Defense Matrix does nothing against their Particle Cannon and Endothermic Blaster.