Demon Hunter Overview

September 5, 2016 - Guides
Demon Hunter Overview

After the success of the Death Knight, Demon Hunters have a lot to live up to as the second Hero class in World of Warcraft. While you needed a level 55 character on any realm to start a Death Knight, Demon Hunters work differently. To create a Demon Hunter, you will be required to have a level 70 character ON THAT SERVER. Never fear, however. If you are in the unfortunate situation where you don’t have any characters on the server you want to have your Demon Hunter at, you can level a character to 70, then create a Demon Hunter and start the game at level 98.

After an amazing starting quest line involving you going to Mardum on a suicide mission, only to get imprisoned in the Vault of the Wardens, where you get awakened to help fight the Burning Legion, which is ransacking the place. Along the way, you will get to grips with actually playing the class at the basic level, make some choices which should influence your future story, and get some decent gear. Once the whole thing is over,you will start the Legion pre-launch on even footing with the rest of the players on your servers, with one exception. You won’t be able to take part in the Broken Shore scenario. Apparently, it concludes before you get released from the Vault. You ARE able to take part in invasions, however.

In terms of gameplay, Demon Hunters are the only class in the game to have two specs: Vengeance for tanking and Havoc for DPS.

As Havoc, you will dart around the battlefield, generating and spending fury to pull off attacks, turning yourself into a demon and shooting lasers from your eyes. The true damage potential of Havoc Demon Hunters once at level 110 remains to be seen, however, one thing is for sure, the talent tree makes sense and appears to be well made, different from Retribution Paladin talents, which are the epitome of boredom, with respect to Retri Pally mains. Havoc Demon Hunters excel at moving around the battlefield quickly with Fel Rush and switching targets without any ramp up time due to their lack of DoTs.

As Vengeance, you will be much more sturdy, using Pain itself as a resource to fuel your attacks. The most exciting thing about the Vengeance Demon Hunter is its numerous abilities to me. If you like having to keep track of a huge number of stuff during a fight, this might be the tank for you. Wearing Leather armor, Demon Hunter tank is a little bit more squishy and spiky than a Paladin or Warrior, it seems. Fortunately, this tank makes up for it with self-healing second only to the Death Knight.

This class wasn’t haphazardly thrown together. Everything has been thought about, it’s talents make sense. It’s also thematically on point. Finally, those animations are damn amazing, in my opinion. While you won’t be looking at them in a raid encounter, it should make it easier for you to have fun while questing. I know for sure that I WILL level a Demon Hunter to 110 at least to go with my Death Knight.