Court of Stars Guide

September 13, 2016 - Guides
Court of Stars Guide

The second gated Mythic dungeon together with The Arcway, Court of Stars is shorter than the other one, only having three bosses. It also takes place outside, in what looks to be the streets of Suramar.

Patrol Captain Gerdo

The first ability Patrol Captain Gerdo uses that you should be concerned with is Resonant Slash. When he pops it, if you’re standing in front or behind him, you will take 1.1 million Arcane damage and get stunned for 4 seconds. Everyone, including the tank, should dodge it. The problem is that Gerdo also uses an ability called Arcane Lockdown, which applies 3 stacks of a debuff, which inflicts 80k Arcane damage per second and reduces movement speed by 30%. If you have Arcane Lockdown, you won’t be able to dodge Resonant Slash and will take a shitload of damage. Fortunately, you can get rid of Arcane Lockdown stacks by simply jumping up. Yeah, that’s a weird mechanic. Doesn’t mean that it’s not cool, though. So, jump three times, get rid of Lockdown, dodge dat Slash.

Up next, Gerdo summons a… Streetsweeper, which blasts player in a line after three seconds, dealing 561k damage. Just… dodge the broom, I guess?

Gerdo also summons reinforcements in the form of Vigilant Duskwatch to help him fight you. When they come, they use an ability called Hinder, which reduces the target’s Haste and Damage Done by 10% for 12 seconds. Dispel it if you can and kill the ads? okay.

Finally, when you’re just about to kill Patrol Captain Gerdo, he will runs to a fountain and drink a Flask of the Solemn Night, which increases his Haste and Damage Done by 30%. It works as a soft enrage. If you weren’t falling behind the mechanics earlier, you should be fine now too, just keep going hard and kill the first boss of Court of Stars.

TL;DR – Get rid of Arcane Lockdown by jumping three times, dodge Resonant Slash (in the front and in the back), don’t get hit by Streetsweeper and kill Vigilant Duskwatch ads.

Talixae Flamewreath

Before you can fight the boss, you have to take care of her advisors one by one, because if you fight them all at once, you will have massive problems due to the Fel Covenant, which binds them all together, increasing Health and Damage Done by 100%. To safely pull them away from the main group, you have to kill trash around the area, until Talixae sends one of them to investigate. Once you take care of all three, you can finally pull the boss.

The boss itself isn’t overly complicated. It has three abilities. The first is called Withering Soul. It’s a stacking debuff, which reduces your maximum Health by 5% and Movement Speed by 10%. Fortunately, it’s dispellable. It would be best if you had a Priest in the group to just Mass Dispel everyone. If a Priest isn’t available, the healer and anyone else doing the dispelling should obviously prioritize the tank first.

Up next, Talixae uses an ability called Burning Intensity, which inflicts 61k Fire damage every 3 seconds to everyone and increases the boss’ Damage Done by 15% each time she applies it. I’m not aware of any way to get rid of it or dodge it, so I guess it’s just a way to gear check. If your DPS is low, there will come a time when the Healer won’t be able to heal everyone up and the Tank won’t be able to survive.

Finally, the boss makes fire erupt under everyone when it casts an ability called Infernal Eruption. It deals 268k Fire damage to everyone and knocks people in the air. When you land, don’t stand in the fire or you will take 176k Fire damage. Also, Infernal Eruption spawns an ad called Infernal Imp. They shoot Firebolts, which deal 327k Fire damage at players and cast Drifting Embers, which get of 12 firebolts at random players over 6 seconds, each inflicting 69k Fire damage. Just kill them as fast as possible to reduce the stress put on your Healer.

TL;DR – Take care of the enforcers quickly and safely before you pull, dispel Withering Soul, dodge Infernal Eruption’s residue damage and kill Infernal Imps, pass the gear check by burning the boss down as quickly as possible.

Advisor Melandrus

Before you can fight Advisor Melandrus, you will have to play Sherlock Holmes, trying to find a spy in the party. Just talk to rumormongers to get clues and try to do it as quickly as possible. When you finally find the spy, kill him and the fight against Melandrus will become available.

While not very complicated, this boss fight is a gear check due to an ability called Blade Surge. It makes the boss dash to a player, dealing 526k Physical damage to everyone within 5 yards and putting a bleed on them, which ticks for 220k Physical every 2 seconds for 12 seconds. Just a heal check, right? Not really. Blade Surge also leaves an image of Advisor Melandrus, which uses all of its abilities at full damage. One or two is okay, 7 could get overwhelming very quickly.

While Melandrus’ images don’t use this, the boss himself casts Enveloping Winds, which travel through the balcony where the fight is taking place, stunning all players who come in contact with the Winds for 4 seconds. A DPS getting hit means loss of damage, giving more time for Blade Strikes.

Next up is Piercing Gale, which deals 738k Physical in a straight line. Melandrus’ images copy this ability. You have to dodge it. One Gale is okay, seven of them at the same time? Quite chaotic and hard.

The final ability used by Melandrus and his images, is Slicing Maelstrom, which puts up an aoe field of swirling blades, which tick for 72k damage every second, for 4 seconds. One of those is okay, two of them is okay, seven? Not so much.  

TL;DR – Try to kill the boss as quickly as possible, before he stacks too many Blade Surge images. Dodge Enveloping Winds, Piercing Gale, and Slicing Maelstrom.