Character Progression in Legion

September 5, 2016 - Guides
Character Progression in Legion

For a long time now, with each expansion in World of Warcraft, the feeling of getting stronger in the game was gained through unlocking new abilities and talents, once you reached a certain level, as well as better and better gear when max level. Players are used to this, I am used to this. In fact, I expected it.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that you won’t get any new levels or talents in Legion, despite the level cap being raised to 110. If you haven’t heard about it yet… Yes, the talents you have now, at 100, is all you get, even at 110. Before you turn purple with rage and go looking for a pitchfork, a barrel of tar and that old pillow you hate so much to dig for feathers, let me try and calm you down by telling you how it’s going to work in Legion.

Aside from the ever increasing item level of your gear, which will depend on the difficulty of the content you’re tackling, you will also get the opportunity to feel stronger via your Artifact Weapon.

Each class has a different Artifact Weapon for each of its specialisations. For example, Druids will have different Artifact Weapons for Restoration, Balance, Feral, and Guardian, while Demon Hunters will have two Artifact Weapons, for Havoc and Vengeance. While you won’t be getting any new talent points to spend, you will have to improve your Artifact Weapon, which will allow you to feel better at what your spec is supposed to do.

The most obvious improvement will probably be felt by the Damage Dealers because their whole life revolves around that Skada or Recount number (fair disclosure: I played Shadow Priest for years, I’m not putting down DPS players). Tanks can expect to be able to take more stuff hitting them in the face before healers have to blow their cooldowns in order to get them up, and the healers themselves will usually heal more effectively, both in terms of mana or throughput.

The improvements to the Artifact Weapon won’t be free. They will have to be unlocked using Artifact Power, which, in turn, will have to be gained by playing Legion content. Your Artifact Weapon will also gain iLevel when you insert Relics into it. Those can be acquired by playing various Legion content as well.

To summarize, you get stronger by leveling your Artifact Weapon, which gets stronger when you play Legion. Makes sense, doesn’t it? The whole talent system was a little bit stale for a while now. You went through the chore of leveling your character to the cap and then you had everything unlocked. All that was left for you to do was to gear up and kill them dragons. Now, you will continue to get stronger by playing in the world, getting awarded with stuff which will (hopefully) make you satisfyingly stronger. I love it.