Bastion Guide

June 23, 2016 - Guides
Bastion Guide

Bastion, the Battle Automaton, which terrorized new Overwatch players all over the world, is a very strong Defense Hero if enemies don’t understand how to deal with it. In that case, he’s able to kill any enemy that comes within his crosshairs with ease. If the opposing team knows what to do, however, it loses a lot of his oomph, so to say.

Bastion has two modes of attack: Recon and Sentry.

In his default mode, Configuration: Recon, bastion can move around with a submachine gun that has 20 ammo, fires 8 headshottable rounds per second, and deals 6-20 damage depending on how far the enemy is. It remains effective at medium range. This mode is used to look for a spot to set up, to try and kill any enemies you find yourself facing while looking for said spot, and to fight when your chosen position is being attacked.

Configuration: Sentry is Bastion’s stationary mode of attack, much scarier than Recon, activated by pressing Left Shift, which triggers its ability Reconfigure. Once in Sentry mode, you will become rooted in place but gain 300 armor and a devastating Gatling Gun, which will work best in short to medium range. Gatling Gun has 200 ammo. It can unleash 35 rounds per second, which will deal 4-15 damage, with the possibility of headshots.

When in Sentry mode, Bastion is a devastating mid-range menace that can mow down inexperienced opponents who have no clue how to deal with it. You should be especially careful of attacking Genji because he can Deflect your shots back at you, killing you in short order. Hanzo can snipe you down from outside of your range, so can Widowmaker. can peek from cover, let loose a rocket straight at you and hide immediately. Doing that continually will kill you unless you settle down in another place immediately. Roadhog can hook you out of your Sentry form, while Reinhardt and Winston have Barrierrs that negate your damage, allowing their allies to kill you from cover. D.Va’s Defense Matrix can similarly stop your rounds for a brief amount of time, providing her team with the chance to get rid of you. Flankers like Reaper and Tracer can also get close to you and either overwhelm you with short range damage or mobility.

Bastion’s E is a self-heal called Self-Repair. You can control its duration. While active, it will restore 25% of your health per second. You can’t move while using it and any damage you receive while repairing yourself will knock it off. The best way to use Self-Repair is from behind cover or while waiting for the next enemy attack to come. You can only use it in Recon mode.

Bastion’s Ultimate is called Configuration: Tank. Once you activate it, Bastion will transform into a slowly-moving tank, which will shoot a little bit more than 1 round per second, dealing 205 damage for 8 seconds. The rockets he shoots do awesome damage and knock enemies away. Of course, as the name of the ability implies, you will gain additional durability while in this mode. Don’t get too cocky, however. Bastion can still get killed when in Configuration: Tank.

While Bastion is very strong, it has great weaknesses. Unless your team picks Reinhardt, Torbjörn, or Symmetra to help you survive, I would only pick it in select circumstances where enemies don’t have any heroes which can wreck you single-handedly and you need to hold a choke point on a map which has great spots to set up in sentry mode. Never play Bastion on offense. To be effective, this hero needs enemies to come to him and that simply doesn’t happen on offense most of the time.