A Case For Playing Support in Low ELO

January 3, 2017 - Guides
A Case For Playing Support in Low ELO

It is believed by many players that Support is the hardest role to carry the game from. The conventional wisdom states that the best roles to carry low ELO games from are Jungle, Mid, Top, ADC and, finally, Support. The problem with that thinking is that it creates a mindset in League of Legends players, where playing Support is almost the same as losing and yet, somebody always has to play the role.

With the overwhelmingly small number of Support mains in low elo, autofill comes in, MAKING someone to play Support, resulting in a duo lane featuring a guy whose entire all-important early game depends on a dude who has absolutely no clue what to do, what to build, which Masteries to use, using AP or AD Runes, leveling skills in an order resembling a drunk bonobo. In a situation like this, the outcome of the lane is decided by which botlane has a Support that sucks less.

Let’s consider a tale from one of our own employees. After placement matches, he was placed in Bronze IV. As an ADC main, he tried to get out of there, however, he was weighed down by streaky games, where he absolutely smashed everyone or at least came out even in some games and got rekt in others. What was the most often seen common factor in the games he got smashed in? His Support was autofilled. Often, they ran Courage of the Colossus on Janna, spammed Q like candy, having no mana when the time to fight came. Of course, everyone blamed that guy. Of course, he made mistakes, even Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng screws up sometimes. The problem was that he did not have a Support.

Then, this guy, who started playing League of Legends by maining Support, decided to try something different. He queued as Support/Bot. Of course, he didn’t get assigned to play AD Carry. He picked Nami and won the game with a score of 2/2/21. Then he won and lost an AD game apiece before picking Sona Support, going 4/2/16, 2/8/37 on Braum despite not even being good at the champion, 2/6/11 as Nami, 0/4/27 as Janna, winning one more as Caitlyn, losing as Tristana, winning and losing as Caitlyn and giving up, going on a streak of Nami, winning 3 in a row before losing one.

We’re not saying that playing Support will help you carry games. We’re only saying that if you want to get out of low ELO, you should consider learning to play Support and spamming it. The skill level of AD Carries at this level is just about even but the disparity between skill of different Supports is humongous. When you learn to play Support and spam it in low ELO, you will more than likely play against someone who got autofilled and has no clue what to do. On a sustain champion like Nami or lane bully like Zyra, you can either deny your lane opponent from taking advantage of your ginger stepchild’s (that’s the AD Carry for those of you who are wondering) mistakes or simply 1v2 with the plants of OPness.