7.12 Patch Overview

June 14, 2017 - Guides
7.12 Patch Overview

The League of Legends patch cycle is relentless. Often with a couple of patches coming out each month, the game is in a constant state of flux, causing players to have to adapt or risk left behind, made even more problematic for the professional who actually play under some really high stakes. For your convenience, here are some of the biggest changes you have to worry about for Patch 7.12, which hit the live servers today.

While we have to see it on live for a while to correctly judge the item’s potential, Zeke’s Convergence seems like one of the most impactful things to come out of patch 7.12. The item builds out of an Aegis of the Legion and Glacial Shroud. When completed, it will give +30 magic resistance, +60 armor, +250 mana and +10% cooldown reduction. Also, casting your ultimate near your ally will summon a local frost storm for 10 seconds. While it’s active, nearby enemies will be slowed by 20% and your ally’s attacks will burn their targets for 50% bonus magic damage over 2 seconds (45 second cooldown). If you use basic attacks against the target your ally burned with his own attacks, your autos will deal 40 magic damage per second and slow the target by 40% for 3 seconds. This item is made for peeling. When ahead, it seems like overkill in practice. Also, it makes it harder to use your Ultimate, making you choose between landing a good one or utilizing Zeke’s Convergence at the optimal time.

Locket of the Iron Solari and Redemption also got tweaked. Locket’s shield will now change according to the caster’s bonus health, meaning that it’s much more useful for tankier supports. This should make it less desirable on the supports which have other defining features than durability. Redemption will give less health and regen it less, while improving mana regen. Also, the base heal amount was reduced, though it will be multiplied by three times as much by heal and shield amplifiers, which should emphasize the items intended target audience, shield and heal supports.

On the champion side of the patch notes, Zac, Xayah, Rumble, Karma and Malzahar got nerfed a little bit. Zac was thought to do a bit too much damage for a tank, so his base damage on W and E was reduced a little bit. Xayah had her ability to use basic attacks while her Q was firing removed, as well as increasing the cooldown of her W to 20/19/18/17/16 seconds. Basically, his Q cooldown was increased a little bit while also buffing its early base damage and scaling ratio. W’s duration and shield amount was buffed, while also buffing early damage and slow of his E. Heat will also drain more slowly. The changes were intended to keep him at the same level of strength while also providing windows of opportunity for Rumble’s opponents. Karma’s shield strength was also reduced a little bit in both regular and Mantra’d state. Finally, Malzahar had its Q and R damage reduced at later ranks.

For those people who have wholeheartedly embraced the practice of buying Doran’s Shield in any situation, we have some bad news as well. While the item’s stats remain unchanged, it will now cost 50 gold more, denying us that oh so wonderful Doran’s Shield + 2 pots start. To be honest, that seems like a decent idea. After all, when non-Caitlyn AD Carries start with a SHIELD instead of an aggressive option in almost all situations, something is obviously wrong.

Finally, the speculated Kindred and Rek’Sai buffs came in. Kindred had its base attack damage buffed to 57, also the Wolf’s dash speed was increased to 1400. The zone duration will begin counting down when Wolf reaches the cast location, though casting Dance of Arrows while W is still travelling will still grant the reduced cooldown. The mana cost of E also got reduced to 50 mana. Rek’Sai had its base attack damage and armor growth stat buffed to 57.5 and 3.75 respectively. The Un-burrow portion of his W will scale at 0.8 of Rek’Sai’s bonus attack damage and Void Rush is supposed to be much harder to dodge without dashing out of it or flashing.