The Sims 4

February 27, 2019 - Games
The Sims 4

Behold! The King of simulation games! Whether talking about The Sims 4 or the whole Sims franchise, one thing is for sure – nothing else can really come close in the house building and life simulation genre. By now, few generations have been brought up on this EA franchise and it seems like another few may be brought up on it in the future!

New Character Creation

Character creation has always been an important feature in Simsgames. However, this time it has changed rather significantly, much for thebest. After all, we want to have complete freedom in creating our charactersand it’s as close as the franchise has gotten so far! Instead of using sliders,The Sims 4 has a hold and drag feature that allows to shape the characterwhichever way you want it to look!

Everything you lovein The Sims

Fear not, the features that made you fall in love with thefranchise have not gone anywhere! You are still able to follow the lives ofyour sims, build them homes, carve their careers and much, much more!