The Crew 2

February 28, 2019 - Games
The Crew 2

Ivory Tower and Ubisoft have decided to break the rules ofracing games, and so they did! They came up with a game that is unlike anythingwe’ve seen before in the genre with The Crew 2, a racing game that has as manyracing possibilities as you can imagine, hell, maybe even more!

The Ground

When racing on the ground, you get a vast array from choices,ranging from racing circuit tracks to underground races and off-road motorcyclecompetitions! Needless to say, the array of vehicles is incredibly vast! Choosewhatever type of racing you like most or give all of them ago!

The Water

Jump into a powerful motorboat and skid across the surfaceof the water in insane speeds, making dangerous, hard to control moves in orderto prove your superiority on the water!

The Air

Yes, you read that right! The races take place in the air aswell! Put your pilot goggles on and rise to the skies in The Crew 2, pullingoff tricks in the air and soaring through the clouds to be the first to reach thedestination!