February 28, 2019 - Games

If you ever needed proof that graphics are not the mostimportant part of a video game, look no further than Terraria! You can easilyspend hours immersed in the game without even noticing how the time flew by,leaving you constantly wanting to come back for more! The aura of exploration,crafting, and survival is ever-present here, making it easily one of the bestgames of its kind!

Near endless gameplay

If there is one thing evident in this game, it’s that it mayas well just never end! Even when choosing to play in the smallest of worlds,you will rack in dozens of hours of gameplay before you have everything explored!Boot up a large map in Terraria and you have your hands full for hundreds, yes,hundreds of hours!

Survival Builder

In order to survive in this world, you will need to collectresources and know how to use them! There are plenty of treats out and about,especially dangerous during the night! Make sure not to venture into the nightunless you are sure you are strong enough to fend off the foe! After a while itis you that will be feared! The progression in this game is seamless and sincethe time really flies, you will be a powerful explorer in a blink!