February 28, 2019 - Games

Super realistic, and historically accurate FPS games got a bit booring? Do you desire something casual, minimalistic, yet as difficult as the AAA alternatives? Try SUPERHOT by Blue Brick! This action FPS is as tense as it gets because of one particular mechanic, which is truly super-hot! Your surrounding environment is only moving whenever you are! Stand still and strategize, move and execute! So not only are you participating in thrilling action, in a way, you are solving a puzzle too.


The SUPERHOT game has 32 linear levels which get harder and harder the further down the road you go. However, death is not really your enemy in this one as the respawn timer is quick and steady: you die, and once again you’re back in action instantaneously! Replayability value is a guarantee! The game is also very keen on the trial and error principle, fans of Soulsborne genre may be familiar with it already.


The game design will entertain you. SUPERHOT levels are of contrasting white and grey colours, your enemies are bright red, and all the available weapons/items are plain black. Whenever you take down an opponent they shatter, if you’re playing with audio-on (you should) their death produces quite a distinguishable sound effect too. As long as you are relentless, agile, and confident in your thoughts, the game will reward you plenty! It’s tons of fun too.