Sea of Thieves

February 28, 2019 - Games
Sea of Thieves

Traverse the open seas in Sea of Thieves, a pirate game thatthe gaming community has been asking for! As you would expect from a game ofits kind, it features intense ship battles, explosive cannon shots, and massivesea beasts in your way. The best part about it? It is a multiplayer experience,allowing you to work in a team with other players as well as facing off againstthem, sinking their ships, and stealing their treasure!

No more paid DLC’s!

You read that right! Sea of Thieves will not have any paidDLC’s, instead, they will be completely free of charge. By paying for the gameyou get everything that will ever come with it, which is every gamers dream. Weall hate paying for the DLC’s, don’t we?

You are not alone

You definitely haven’t been the only one waiting for thisgame, as made obvious by the large in-game community! Everyone is out there tohave fun and it shows! Even your enemies are not really your enemies, justsomeone to compete with. This game is as social of an experience as you couldever get in gaming!