Rocket League

February 25, 2019 - Games
Rocket League

Psyonix developers bring you a real treat. To those that have said that FIFA and PES have overtaken the football sports games and nothing new could rise to attract the fans attention, Rocket League begs to differ. This futuristic action sports piece presents the fans’ beloved game in an entirely new perspective, and apparently, the game found a niche on the market and offers exactly what was for the longest time desired yet not conceived in a digital form, until now!

Forget Your Regular Football

Rocket League doesn’t have official licensed players, nor does it have licensed teams. What it does have, however, is the rocket-powered, futuristic, and immensely captivating vehicles as well as the arena where walls are part of the field, and a huge ball that must be smashed into either side of the playfield’s net! The game also offers an immensely vast array of customizable items, multiple single and multiplayer modes, cross-platform ranked ladders and a whole bunch more!

The Skill Ceiling   

Rocket League has managed to do the nearly impossible – it’s a game that is easy to get into, as the general controls and car mechanics are fairly easy to get accustomed with, however, once you feel comfortable enough, you begin understanding just how high the skill ceiling really are! Aerial maneuvres, wall-driving, somersaults, high and low passes, and a bunch of other time- and angle-specific tricks certainly takes time to master, but once you do…! It’s a real blast of a game, and you can experience this emotional rollercoaster first-hand!